An open letter to "Beard Bashers"


So, luckily I have this blog to act as a medium for my thoughts related to beards and the lifestyle that is associated with the choice to grow one. And today, I wanted to take the time to get this off of my mind. 

I am lucky enough to be able to grow a full beard and I love it. I have always had facial hair and have been letting it ride for the past year with minor trims here and there. This is the fullest and longest I've ever worn my beard and it gets a bunch of attention. The majority of the people who come across the beard love it and I can see the "Beard-envy" in some of their eyes. It's great Нил and I take the beard-love with stride. 

The problem comes in with certain people that I know and meet. These people include extended family that I have not seen for some time, the older baby-boomer generation (mostly female) and certain authority figures that I come across. I usually brush it off and don't really pay too much attention to it. That being said, there have been a few times in recent weeks that the comments have gotten, aggressive, untrue, and at times racist. This is when I just had to flip out on the person (who will not be named) and give them an attitude adjustment.

The lame old and tired association with beard being for lazy guys who have given up on their look and don't have ambitions is a thought that has to die with the generation that believed a clean shaven face meant stability and success. While old corporate america has been slow to accept bearded men, the new and future of business admires the bearded. CEOs of top companies are growing beards.

After explaining how much time, effort and commitment it took to maintain a beard I had to explain that insulting someones appearance choices is not a way to make and keep friends. I would never have a girlfriend if I kept saying that she looked terrible without makeup or that her hair looked "limp". I am smart enough to know that if either of those were true (which they never are, all women are beautiful and have hair full of volume and sheen;)) keeping them to myself is the best choice. 


So for the beard bashers out there, if you don't understand someones choice, it's best o stay quiet. I put a lot of attention and effort into growing my beard because I love the way it looks. And the "you look like..." or "did you read that beard poo article.." comments won't change my mind and is a waste of energy for both you and me. 


Keep your negative beard comments to yourself and I'll do the same for your choices. 


Nick Sky
Nick Sky


Nick is the founder and Head Beard at White Spade Beard

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