Tell us a little about yourself? (name, age, location, profession…)

My name is Josh Wirth, I live in Levittown, PA. Im 38 years old. I am a carpenter by trade, and grew up building high-end log homes in north eastern PA. I'm also an artist, and do some commission work, and tattoo design, and logo/graphic design экскурсия по Сочи на двухэтажном автобусе.


How long have you been growing your beard?

I have been growing my beard for a year now, with minimal trimming just to keep it shaped up when I go to the barber for a gentleman's cut.

What have been some of the struggles you have encountered (if any) in growing your face art?

The only struggle I've had with my face fur was the wave/curl it had about 6 months ago when it wasn't nearly as long and bushy, but commitment to a fuller husky beard solved the problem on its own.


What is the dumbest thing you have heard from someone else commenting on your beard?

The dumbest things I hear are, "Doesn't your beard make you hotter in this summer heat?" Which honestly has no effect on comfort at all. Annnnnnd of course I get called a hipster or “Lumbersexual” on a weekly if not daily basis. Which I've come to embrace because... let's face it, I kinda am a hipster. My taste in fashion, music, and hair style/beards would certainly point in that direction.

Does your spouse (or random lovers) appreciate the beard?

My amazing girlfriend Diana does in fact love my beard, and strokes it often lol which I might add, is relaxing when binge watching Netflix.

Share something interesting you would like people to know about you. (this can be anything from “I like kittens” to “I’ve traveled the world and have found a passion for helping mountain goats find their true calling…growing out their sick beards”


The only other things I could add would be my love of the outdoors, snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing, that sort of stuff, and my fascination with watches, particularly high end automatic watches....yes, I'm a watch nerd. Recovery is also a huge part of my life, and I owe everything I'm blessed with due to me getting clean and sober on May 19th 2014. 

Hipster Beard Glasses and Fedora

We all get them. The "You're such a hipster, shave that beard" comment here and there. If you're like me, they get annoying. Especially if you don't consider yourself Hipster in any way.


First, some people are okay with being labeled a hipster, and that's fine. Every generation has them. It seems to come from the previous generation's dislike for differences in the way that they grew up. Here are a few things we all need to know about those hipster comments.

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 Elbows out bearded man.

Have a Beard? Know This.

Having the ability to grow a beard is a wonderful thing that many men should and do cherish. The beard is by default, anything else is just unnatural. Seriously, think about it. If you don't do anything, your face will grow hair. It's in our genetics, history, and future. If you're ever considering going baby faced, read these facts an you'll soon realize why you'd be making a huge mistake.

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