5 Ways to Treat your Beard in 2016



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Growing a beard and keeping it looking great at all times is no small feat for most men.  If you prefer to look like a man and not a child, maintaining your beard is a part of the pride of growing one. Some of the best ways to enjoy having your beard in 2016 and enhance your appearance as well include:



Investing in quality Beard Oil

In order to keep your beard hair looking smooth and neat, you will need to oil it often using high quality beard moisturizers. All you need to do is apply your favorite blend of beard oil on your hands and run your fingers through your beard until you feel the hairs soften. White Spade Beard oils have ingredients that moisturize the skin as well keeping it supple and free from beard dandruff dandruff.



Give it a comb

Beard hair has the ability to be "trained" and can take on any shape you desire. This only happens if you pass a comb or brush through it on a regularly basis. The best comb to use is one that has been specially designed for the job so that there is minimal hair loss and the oil found in the hair is not removed. The Kent brand makes the best handmade combs available and are specifically designed for beard hair.



Maintain the skin beneath

Although the beard is what gets you noticed and keeps you looking good, it is important to keep the skin beneath the beard healthy. The best way to do this is by washing it a 1-2 times a week using beard shampoos and conditioners that help it retain the much needed moisture and natural oils. If possible, buy shampoos that are made from natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin even with weekly washing.



Give it a regular trim

All beard styles should be trimmed regularly to maintain their original look and remove any split ends as well. Trimming can be done by a barber or you can give it a trim at home if you have the right tools. The recommended time to go in for a trim is every few weeks but it can be shorter if your hair grows much faster.



Avoid excessive tugging

When you have a perfect beard, it is normal to find yourself touching it or tugging at the hairs on it. However, this should not be the case as the pulling may result in removal of hair or contamination of the skin on the face.

In general, treating your beard may involve other activities beyond the ones listed above but if you are starting out, this list will help you achieve your desired bearded look in 2016.

Guest Beard Enthusiast
Guest Beard Enthusiast


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