A Message From Nick

Let me tell you a story. A short one, I promise. 

My name is Nick, I am the man behind White Spade Beard. I live in Chicago and I have come to the realization that beards are here to stay. It signifies so much to so many people and it just plain looks good if you're doing it right.

The problem is that I keep seeing it being done wrong!

Hanging out in a neighborhood that is notorious for bearded men, I see beards of all shapes and sizes, lengths and thicknesses, colors and styles. And every now and then I see a dude with a beard of the gods and my beard envy kicks in (google it, its a real thing). I finally had the balls to go up and ask one of these bearded gentlemen how they got their beard to cause envy. After a weird look and some awkwardness, he said: “Just take care of it man, it’ll take care of you”. Mind blown! 

Here I was, ignoring this thing that was growing out of my FACE! So I hit the streets researching. I found that beard maintenance was a thing and that there were products out there to help! After going through a bunch of different oils and soaps I decided that I could do it better. I formulated recipes that carried oils with benefits to the skin and hair that also had a great scent that could be smelled here and there throughout the day. 

I’m excited to share Айвазовский what has come out of that. A line of hand selected oil blends that will make your beard the “beard of the block” as we like to say. We’re starting off with the oils to see how you guys like them. From there, we hope to be the place where guys turn to for their grooming needs. 

Remember, even though your beard will be the best around,

Be Humble.

Be Beard.