About Us

White Spade Beard is known for getting things right so let's see if we can guess a couple of things.

You're here because...

  • You have a beard or know someone who does.
  • Your beard itches sometimes as its growing экскурсии на Ленфильм.
  • The killer beard that you have put so much work into is starting to look a little frayed.
  • You've been using beard oils and don't like what you have found so far (there are a lot of choices out there and we're glad you're checking us out!)



If we're off on any of these Email Us and we'll go back to the drawing board.

But these are the reasons why White Spade Beard was created. A bearded guy and his brother run the show and make sure we only offer you guys the best oils. And by best we mean tried and true 100% organic oils. Do you really want to be rubbing pesticides into your hair and skin? We didn't, so we sourced organic oils not just "natural" oils for our blends. 

A Message From Nick



Meet the brothers behind White Spade Beard


The whole operation started when Nick, the founder and head beard started growing his beard after quitting his soul sucking sales job. An unknown luxury of being unemployed is the freedom to wear, style, and go for the look that you want. The beard was born and he hasn't looked back since. He now is a spokesperson to all friends and men about the importance of beard growth and maintenance.


Dan, the brother and short beard (we can't all be epic), loved what was happening to his facial hair after using the oils Nick was blending and said, "Dude, you gotta sell this stuff". So that's exactly what happened. We bottled some up and hit the streets to get feed back and it was awesome! So, now we want to offer our oils to all of our bearded guys online.