Your Beard On Beard Oils - 1 Month In

We all want that instant gratification. At the gym, at work, with the girl you're interested in. But we know that all great things take work and commitment...


You don't go from this

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To this

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Or this

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To this

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Without some time and dedication. The same goes for growing and maintaining your beard. Let's take a look at your first month on beard oil.


Day 1

You just got your amazing beard oil in the mail. Feels so good in your hand You start daydreaming about how many girls you'll be pulling (or if you're married, how much more time you'll be spending in the bedroom) when your beard starts looking so dapper. 

Then you take your first whiff. You say "I get to put this stuff in my beard??". All the scents in the oil are straight from the ground. All organic, all natural, all man. (that's if you are wise enough to be getting White Spade Beard oils in the mail, we think you are!) Okay, lets move on...

You put your first dime-sized amount in your hands and fondle that beard the hardest you've ever fondled it. It's so refreshing and it gives you and your beard that extra vote of confidence you need to start your day. You'll move on with your day getting looks and maybe some snickers and compliments but you know the best has yet to come. 


Week 1

You've gotten into a routine. Wake up, coffee, shower, beard oil and you're off to work. You should now start to notice some of the glorious effects of using beard oil.

Your girlfriend/wife/lover isn't complaining about beard stank and is getting a little closer more often. Who can resist a great smelling beard??

Toward the end of week 1 your straggling hairs look a little more tame and any itching may have gotten starts getting less frequent. 


Week 2

During week two you wonder how you were living without beard oil in the past. It makes so much sense. Your beard is your main facial feature and not maintaining it is like not showering after the gym. More of the effects of the beard oil arise...

Any beard dandruff that you may have had is gone. Beard dandruff, you know those embarrassing flakes that show up on your chest when you're wearing black shirts. It's a real problem for some bearded guys. It's not because your beard is dirty, it's because the skin under your beard is dry. Beard oil to the rescue again.


Weeks 3 & 4

You look amazing, you feel amazing, your beard is what it was meant to be. An extension of your style. Right around this time you start wondering how you can make it even better.

Research into what else is out there is in full force. Beard oils, beard balm, beard pomades, mustache waxes, beard shampoos. There is a whole world out there with people and companies that are committed to keeping bearded men looking good and not being judged as dirty, lazy, and unprofessional.

With the help of beard care companies and the commitment of bearded guys everywhere, the idea that growing a beard is a "trend" or "fad" won't hold water.


A Little about what we're doing

Right now we carry some of the best beard oils for packed with benefits for healthy beard growth. In the coming weeks, with help from our happy customers, we will be coming to you guys with balms, waxes, and washes. Sign up to our newsletter to get updates on our new products and a bunch of other cool things.  

Nick Sky
Nick Sky


Nick is the founder and Head Beard at White Spade Beard

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Mani Karthik
Mani Karthik

August 25, 2015

Nice one Nick. I’m gonna get a white spade myself!


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