5 Facts Every Bearded Man Should Know

Have a Beard? Know This.

Having the ability to grow a beard is a wonderful thing that many men should and do cherish. The beard is by default, anything else is just unnatural. Seriously, think about it. If you don't do anything, your face will grow hair. It's in our genetics, history, and future https://experience.tripster.ru/articles/metro-sankt-peterburga/. If you're ever considering going baby faced, read these facts an you'll soon realize why you'd be making a huge mistake.



1. Testosterone is responsible for growing a fuller beard.

Spiked Out Long BeardThat's right, the same thing that helps your balls drop, gets you in the fighting mood, and keeps you going during sex, helps grow your beard. 




2. Beards keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Frozen Snow Beard

They are truly a magical organism. The extra bravado acts as a buffer between your face and cold, harsh winter weather. And in the summer, it catches more of the nice breeze, provides shade, and gives more surface area for your sweat to evaporate. 




3. The style, length, cut, and shapes are endless.

Beard Style Collage

You are the artist and the beard is your canvas. Whether you like a lighter stubble, a nicely trimmed heavy(my choice!), or full blown beard(respect) you're in control. And with beard oils, you keep the hairs and skin underneath fully nourished. 




4. She can say she doesn't like the scruff, but we all know she does.Women Kissing Beard

A beard shows maturity, passion and commitment. Next time you're out, ask your girl friends what the top three things they look for in a man are. I have money on at least one of them being the aforementioned.




5. You just like how it looks

Thumbs up Bearded guy

Gillette says, shave. Boss says, shave. Mama says, shave. But it's your face and you're a man so make your own goddamn decisions. 


We help keep those beards looking good, smelling good and free of yesterdays lunch. Check out our oils and keep checking back for tips and inspiration to keep that beard going.

Nick Sky
Nick Sky


Nick is the founder and Head Beard at White Spade Beard

4 Responses

Geoff C.
Geoff C.

July 22, 2015

Point number 5 is the big one for me. I grew my beard because I like the way it looks. That’s why I’m keeping it, too!

Cary G
Cary G

July 21, 2015

Last year was the first time I grew my beard really long in the winter. What a difference!
It was also the first year I tried beard oil and shopping around for other beard-care products. Frankly I like the beard, but without the right tools It can be so much hassle!

Kathryn Morse
Kathryn Morse

July 17, 2015

My boyfriend so desperately needs beard oil! This beard oil looks amazing and I think he (and I!!) would benefit greatly from it.

Sherry Conrad
Sherry Conrad

July 14, 2015

Saved this for my daughter she loves her fiance’s beard and likes to find new things for him to try.

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