Look who’s back!

    After nearly a month away from the computer, I’m back and with a vengeance.
    Over the past year, my children and I have been through more than our fair share of crappy breaks.  I went through a divorce, lost our…

    Fashion Friday: Addie’s Closet


    Tutu dress: Made by me
    Hat: Wal-Mart, flowers/leaves added by me
    Boots: The Children’s Place, flowers/leaves added by me

    Fashion Friday: Addie’s Closet


    3/4 Sleeve Shirt: The Children’s Place
    Jeans: The Children’s Place
    Sunglasses: The Children’s Place
    Hair Clip: Claire’s

    You want to what?

    Being sick is never any fun and sometimes the tests they need to run can be a little much.  At the ripe ‘ol age of thirty, I had my first endoscopy and colonoscopy.  Neither one were on my bucket list,…

    Psychotherapist Examines Links Between Child Abuse and Alcoholism

    images (2)

    College students with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) drink more alcohol than their peers, according to a new study published earlier this year in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
    In addition to the problems normally associated with alcohol abuse, …

    Online healthcare- yay or nay?

    With the hustle and bustle of today, it’s no surprise that American’s are looking for new ways to cut corner’s and save time.  My question is when will the line be drawn as to  WHAT you can accomplish from the…

    Fashion Friday: Addie’s Closet


    Dress: Lemonade Couture…

    A Business World Massacre – What Can Happen When Government Needs a Scapegoat


    It remains one of the greatest travesties in the history of American business: In 2001, the 85,000 employees of one of the world’s largest accounting firms began losing their jobs in droves. Their employer had become tainted by its loose …

    Remodeling an Apartment: Removing Wallpaper


    When I decided it was time to move out I figured I would wait until I was finished with my BA and then figure out my MFA program. But things came up and I got an apartment a lot earlier…

    My Time in Service: A Veteran/Woman/Mother Reflects


    So I was listening to NPR… and  James Brabazon, who was mercenary-journalist in Africa, was being interviewed and something he said triggered me.  He mentioned missing it.  Missing the horrific conditions, the constant movement, and occasional horror that he experienced