Can I Use Wipes On My Baby’s Face?

Use Wipes On My Baby Face

 Origin Of Baby Wipes

In mid 1950s, more people started travelling. They needed something to clean up during their travels. To fulfill their need, a company named Nes-Pak launched the first wipes. At the beginning, these wipes were napkin sized paper cloth, saturated with a skin cleanser with soft scent.

Baby Wipes Today

Can I Use Wipes On My Baby’s Face

Baby wipes available in market now are made from non-woven fabric, like those which are present in dryer sheets. They are saturated with mild cleansing ingredients. These wipes are mostly available in plastic tubs, to keep the cloth moist and for easy and safe storing and dispensing.

Different Uses Of Baby Wipes

  • Major use of baby wipes is to clean bottom of babies when you are heading somewhere and do not have access to a bathroom.You can then easily dispose off these wipes.

You can also use baby wipes to:

  • Clean your hands after cleaning your baby or pumping gas.
  • When baby travels in car, small spills are most likely, which you can lean using baby wipes.
  • Clean your sweating face after a run.
  • Clean your eye and face make up.
  • Remove stains.
  • Clean house plants.
  • Clean your baby’s plastic toys.
  • Clean wheels and handles of your baby’s stroller.

Is it safe to use wipes on your baby ?

Do Baby Wipes Have Alcohol And Other Chemicals?


Most of the baby wipes are alcohol free. They contain up to 97% pure water.


Many are fragrance free as well.


They are also soap free. They do not cause tears or irritation to the skin.

Chemicals like Methylisothiazolinon (M)

Most of the brands do not have chemical Methylisothiazolinon (M).Their formula contains ingredients which are allergy free.


Wipes do contain moisturizers, which act to nourish a baby’s skin and prevent it from drying out.

Pediatrician And Researchers View About Baby Wipes

Renowned pediatrician Jennifer Shu says diaper wipes are good for newborns unless your baby develops rash or redness due to skin sensitivity. Use alcohol and scent free wipes. A preservative Methylisothiazolinon (M) is present in some brands of baby wipes. It can cause allergy. If you see any rash, consult your doctor immediately and change the brand.

Researchers suggest use of baby wipes only during travelling. At home, it is better to use paper towel with water to avoid any allergic reactions.

Most baby wipes have been clinically proven to be mild and do not cause allergy or irritation on skin. But do not use them to sterilize your baby’s changing table or your hand, as they do not contain any antiseptic.

Are Baby Wipes Safe On Your Baby’s Face?

Use Wipes On My Baby Face

Different researches and experiences of parents have shown that baby wipes which are alcohol and Methylisothiazolinon (M) free and do not contain fragrance and soap are safe to be used on whole body of your baby, including hands and face. They mostly contain water with cleansing material. It is easy to use baby wipes to clean whole body of your child especially when you are travelling or at work but remember that natural resources are always best. Using water to clean your baby when you are at home is recommended strongly.

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