We are pleased to announce that Baby Einstein will be giving away 10 DVDs to our Pajama Mommy Readers! How to enter? It’s really simple! Join the newsletter!

    These DVDs will be their BRAND NEW movie coming out on the 19th of JulyUnfortunately I was just informed the date of the DVD was pushed back to July 24th 2007, entitled “Discovering Shapes”. The movie will introduce five shapes to the child and is hosted by a Rhino puppet! I though the movie was absolutely adorable!

    SIGN UP TODAY! If you get your friends to join and have them email us or post a comment with your name, it’s a 2nd ENTRY TO THE CONTEST!

    GREAT NEWS!! We have added a new prize available for each of the 10 WINNERS!

    Along with a Baby Einstein DVD all winners will receve a PDF Copy of the Good Child Guide

    I am pleased to announce this happy addition to the contest! It is definitely a great book!

    Pajama Mommy has a review on the book if you are interested in knowing more about it besides what the website has to offer!


    1. Thanks! I’m signing up now!

    2. Ponn Sabra says:

      Sweet deal!

      Our house of chicks *love* Baby Einstein!

      Does my newsletter subscription last week count?

    3. Once you’re in our newsletter its an automatic sign up to every contest!

    4. Ponn Sabra says:

      For *every* contest!?

      WOW! That is mighty generous of you! A little note above your optin box should definitely get you some more subscribers!

      Oh geez…did I just make it *that* much harder for me to win? hee hee…I don’t care.

    5. I totally love Baby Einstein movies! Ethan and I cuddle up and watch them every afternoon before his naps!
      Wish me luck, I wanna win!!!! =)

    6. Head Mommy says:

      Good luck! The movie was absolutely adorable! I truly enjoyed it!

    7. Wow.. Clayton loves and adores Baby Einstein. Sounds like a great contest going on!

    8. Head Mommy says:

      Then doris make sure you sign up!

    9. 365 Days... One Goal... Can I Do It? says:

      I might have to get in on some Baby Einstein action. Thanks for stopping by my site!

    10. Might? We take WILL do’s here!

    11. My girls love ‘Lil Einsteins, and I know my toddler would love a Baby Einstein movie.
      What a great contest.

    12. Count me IN!
      I will sign up :D

    13. Very cool contest! Count us in!

      Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

    14. I sign up too!
      nothing to loose :D

    15. Ooh, I´ll sign up for this. It is impossible to find videos like this in English around here and my son is just the right age to start using them!

      I learned about this contest through “” just in case she can get an extra entry from that.

    16. Head Mommy says:

      I’m sure she will get an extra entry! Hopefully she signed up!!

    17. Thanks for sharing

    18. Check this out, there is a company selling a series of DVD’s to help the little ones to learn how to read.
      They have a really cool web site and i think they are giving away tickets to the San Diego Zoo.

      It is pretty neat.

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