Warning Signs: How to Spot Early Signs of Addiction in Your Children

    Warning Signs How to Spot Early Signs of Addiction in Your ChildrenMany parents worry their child will become an addict of some kind during their life. This feeling is understandable due to the prevalence of harmful addictions in today’s society. However, a parent that pays attention to their child and notices any sudden changes in mood or behavior can recognize the early signs of addiction and get their child help as soon as possible. Early intervention is the most effective course for treating addictions, so this step is vitally important.

    How to know if your child is a drug addict:

    Drugs alter the mood of a child in sometimes severe proportions. For example, a normally friendly and laid back kid becomes easily irritated and highly volatile. Of course, the opposite could happen as well, and a normally high-strung child will suddenly seem unnaturally mellow. They may even begin to steal money or possessions from their family or friends. A sweet socially expressive child may suddenly desire more alone time and withdraw from activities they once loved.

    A sign a child could be dealing drugs is an abundance of new items they have no way of explaining. For example, they come in with brand new pair of expensive tennis shoes, but they have no way to explain how they obtained the money to buy them. In addition to these changes in behavior, kids with drug addictions occasionally have red or bloodshot eyes, an odd chemical smell on their clothing or in their rooms, burns on their hands, face or clothing, a constant runny nose or dark circles around their eyes.

    How to know if a child is a video game addict:

    After mentioning the above addiction, having a child addicted to only video games can seem preferable. However, any addictive behavior can lead to a more severe addiction. For that reason, recognizing a video game addiction is vitally important. Your child may have a video game addiction if they withdraw from activities they once enjoyed in favor of playing video games, pull away from friends they used to enjoy being around, get angry or volatile if they are unable to play video games and neglect homework and other important tasks in order to play for a longer amount of time.

    Realizing your child has any kind of addiction is painful, you may feel you have failed as a parent. However, addictions can come about for many reasons, and it often has nothing to do with what you have or have not done as a parent. If you realize your child has a problem, seek help for them as soon as possible, rehabilitation facilities can help your child overcome their problem for good.

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