Wall Pops! Review

    When making the transition into our new home, I knew I wanted to do something fun for the kids play room.  I wanted the room to be focused solely on the kids and to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.  One of my original ideas was to paint a tree on one of the walls, using their hand prints as tree leaves.  But then how would I incorporate animals/insects into the painting to make it more realistic?  I am a very creative person by nature, just not all that handy when it comes to drawing.

    So when given the opportunity to review a product from Wall Pops, I spent several hours finding a wall decal I felt would do their play room justice.  For obvious reasons, I chose the Treehouse decal.  We placed the decal on the wall next to their bookcase, set up a couple of bean bag chairs and figured it would make a nice, relaxing reading area for the babes.

    But as with anything, there are a few flaws we have noted.  It most likely is an error of my own, but the decal is not staying on the wall very well.  Parts of it keep bubbling up and removing from the wall, but it’s a quick and simple fix.  Despite this little issue, I am still very much impressed with the product and will be more than happy to purchase wall decals from Wall Pops! in the future.