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    When I first started breastfeeding my child, I had no idea there was a month dedicated to mothers who breastfed. I was always seeking help/advice from lactation consultations, mothers, and Google when it came to breastfeeding my daughter. I had complications during my breastfeeding adventures – due to having a preemie. Other than latching issues, nipple shield problems, and sore boobs, breastfeeding was somewhat successful for us. One of my main concerns with breastfeeding was how in the world do you feed your child in public? I purchased nursing tops, bras, and covers for comfort and privacy. Now, I will say that nursing tops are an amazing invention. You can wear them without a bra, they hide your tummy, and it’s easily accessible to feed your baby. The only downfall is most camis will ride up your belly when walking. I am not sure if this is true with all camis, but I did buy multiple pairs from various companies and had issues with them riding up my belly. Also, the camis were thick and when you are breastfeeding a baby under a nursing cover – it can get sweaty for the both of you.

    When I heard about Undercover Mama, I thought the undershirt was going to be another cami! I soon found out I was completely wrong and shouldn’t “judge a book by it’s cover.” Undercover Mama is an undershirt designed to go with any bra and any shirt. The undershirt can be used on a regular bra, or a nursing bra – with ease in breastfeeding.

    I had the opportunity to review the Undercover Mama and I was really impressed with the quality. The shirt doesn’t have straps, it does strap to your bra, which is very convenient. The shirt is made long with soft, stretchy fabric so I never had any issues with the shirt riding up my belly while walking, running, or playing with my daughter. I also want to stress the comfort in the Undercover Mama being thin and breathable. I stated before how some camis were thick and would cause me to sweat during breastfeeding sessions. Now, it’s not too thin where it’s see through or anything, it’s just..breathable. I wore the Undercover Mama with a regular bra and it fit perfectly. The shirt is made to fit snug, so I think after it washes it might shrink up a little being 95% cotton and I received a small. If you are in between sizes, Undercover Mama recommends you to get the smallest size for the snuggest fit.

    (why yes, my bra strap is twisted)

    In my opinion, the Undercover Mama is great for nursing, every day wear, and super comfortable. The undershirt is a bit more expensive than what I paid for nursing camis and may be out of budget for some, but the quality and the comfort makes it worth the money.


    One lucky reader of Pajama Mommy will win an Undercover Mama with choice of color & size.


    You must leave a comment below telling us how Undercover Mama can help you in your adventures with breastfeeding.


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    1. I had the same problem with nursing camis. I bought 2 from Target (which I read other moms recommend). Uhhh I dont know about them, but all those camis did was bunch up and became tube tops! Id love to try an extra long cami for my next pregnancy.

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    4. I think an undercover mama tank would help me in my adventures in breastfeeding because I can feed and not have to worry about my belly flab showing!
      tannis_z at excite dot com

    5. I just had a baby 8/22 and am planning a trip to Disneyworld, where I know it will be ideal to nurse discreetly in public rather than trying to go hide somewhere. I’d love to try an Undercover Mama Tank there!

    6. I love the idea of hiding my big tummy…I am a fluffy mom and this product would really help my confidence with breastfeeding in public.

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    9. Undercover Mama can help me in my adventures with breastfeeding because not only can I nurse with ease, but also pump milk at work without totally undressing! Thanks.

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