Things To Note When Pregnant Women Take A Bath

Bathing is a simple job but makes many mothers have difficulty, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Therefore, when you are 11 weeks pregnant, keep in mind the following for safe bathing.

Water temperature

take a bath while pregnant

You should not take hot water baths, as this will reduce and affect the nerve cells. Too cold water is not good. During pregnancy, you tend to feel hotter than normal.

However, it is not advisable to take a cold shower, especially during hot weather. When it is hot, if the shower is too cold, this sudden temperature change will make the mother be sick.

Shower water at about 36 degrees is best. You can use the elbow to check the water temperature. In addition, you should wet the lower body before the body to get used to the change in temperature first.

Wash hair

Many people have a habit of sitting on the heels when washing their hair. Normal can be okay but when you are pregnant, this will affect your belly baby!

Standing too long is not good for you and your baby. Wash your hair quickly so that you do not stand too long. If the belly is too big, you should go to the salon.

Bath time

Bathing is a time to relax and reduce the fatigue during the mother’s day. However, not so that you spend too long time bathing. The narrow space in the bathroom combined with the high water temperature will reduce blood supply to the mother’s brain and affect the fetus. 15 minutes is the maximum amount of time that you can stay in the bathroom. Mummy should know!

Take a shower

Experts recommend using a shower instead of a bath during pregnancy. During pregnancy, especially during the 11th week of pregnancy, the mother’s ability to resist decreases, which is susceptible to attack by bacteria. Soaking for a long time will allow the bacteria to attack the vagina, causing inflammation, affecting the fetus, even putting you at risk of preterm birth.

Also, when you shower. High-pressure water jets also have the effect of tiring your body and helping you feel more comfortable.

How to bath during pregnancy

Gently clean the chest area, do not rub the chest to avoid the stimulation can lead to risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Pregnant women need to take care of the umbilical cord when bathing because it is a direct relationship between mother and baby. Mothers absolutely do not strongly rub the umbilical region, can use the cotton swab dipped in clean water and clean.

Then use warm water and soap to gently clean the armpit. Use clean water to cleanse the area, restricting the use of sanitary or shower gel.

Notes for mothers when bathing:

– While bathing, you are prone to dehydration, so bring a bottle of water to the bathroom when you are pregnant for a drink.

– Bathing with your husband can help relieve stress, fatigue. By the way, you can ask him gentle massage for yourself, this is both good for your health and help to build up the couple’s affection. 

– No sauna in pregnancy because the sauna temperature is too high, will adversely affect the development of the fetus. 

– Do not bath after eating: Bathing will cause the blood vessels to expand, the blood to the lower half of the body, blood supply to the abdominal cavity is not enough for the digestive system to work. More dangerous is that this can cause hypoglycemia in the mother.

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