The Top 5 Cutest Hairdos Your Toddler Will Love

    Toddler_HairdosTrying to catch up with your busy toddler to put a comb through his or her hair, let alone get them styling with a cute hairdo, can be a challenge for any mom. But even pint-sized girls and boys enjoy looking good! There are almost as many cute cuts and hairstyles for your toddler as you can imagine. The hardest part may be choosing from all of them. Not only is style a deciding factor, but also what is manageable for you and your toddler. Will you choose long, medium, or short hair? What about the tangle factor? Is it easy to wash? How much time will it take to manage? Here are five hairstyles you and your toddler will enjoy.

    Long hair for girls
    Let’s start with what most moms consider to be the most challenging hairstyle—long hair. You may be imagining a nightmare of tangles, but the versatility of long hair makes it a very attractive option. Left loose, it can be curled or straightened. Let it air dry for a soft, natural look. Cut in layers. Add bangs for definition. Pin a section off the face with a barrette for a classic look. Long hair can be styled in a ponytail, pigtails, or simple braids. French braids and feathered braids are always darling hairstyles.

    Long hair for boys
    For boys, layered long hair is a handsome option, framing the face and creating texture. A little hair wax or mousse will change it up! Long hair can hang loose and shiny for a natural look. If they don’t like to do their hair, consider the “Beiber” look that is just long and pushed to thise of the face. It’s popular and easy to manage.

    Medium-length hair
    Medium-length hairstyles offer more definition, as well as being easy to manage and nearly as versatile as long hair. A ponytail or twist is still possible with medium-length hairstyles. Layered cuts that fall just below the ears are popular and stylish, for both boys and girls. These cuts can be sleek and well-defined, or mussed-up with some gel. For girls, they can be accessorized with clips, bows, flowers, headbands, and scarves.

    Not only will a darling Pixie cut frame your little girl’s pretty face, it’s easy to maintain and is the perfect choice for the toddler with fine or thin hair. You and your toddler can even go matching with this cute haircut.

    Fades, Caesars, and Buzz Cuts
    For boys, the fade cut is long on top, blending into short sides. Brushed forward, the long top of the Caesar cut is brushed forward with close-trimmed sides. And, the buzz cut, trimmed close to the head all the way around, is an easy-to-maintain classic.


    1. cutest pokemon says:

      These hairdos will make my toddler really happy! My toddler loves Pixie hairdos the most.