The Six Items That Both You And the Kids Will Enjoy

    The Six Items That Both You And the Kids Will EnjoyAs families are pulled between hectic work schedules, school schedules, summers of travel and work, and video games luring the kids, it becomes increasingly difficult to do simple fun group things. But there are keys to uniting a family together, and it can happen any time of the year. Here are six items to keep around the house to bring your family together.

    Dining Room Centerpiece
    Every season brings a different style to our homes. Have one centerpiece for the dining room that represents every season of the year. Whether breaking it down by holiday or simply Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, give your family something to look forward to every four months. Depending on the number in your family, each season one person can be responsible for creating or designing the newest centerpiece. For kids, it’s a great chance to work on something for months asking the parents for creative ideas and assistance.

    Garden Centers (Indoor or Outdoor)
    Using small terracotta herb planters to help with the family garden. Smaller planters can be kept indoors. Larger planters can be kept outdoors in warm seasons and brought indoors in the colder months. Each family member can be responsible for two or three plants. From deciding what plant to grow, to taking care of the plants, the indoor or outdoor garden can be a family event. In the colder months each family member should put their plants in their rooms to care for the plant and to ‘get to know it.’

    Create a fun environment
    Everyone needs time alone and creating a fun place to retreat to is good for the whole family. Surround yourself with things you enjoy and help you relax. A good book by the bedside or even spoil yourself with a luxurious sheets are good for the adults or older teens. If the kids need a little something, create things that are both functional and playful. It might even be fun to decorate the kid’s room in some of their most popular reads. There are many ideas for making creative beds for boys and finding what there interests are is the first step.

    Puppet and Entertaining
    Keep a collection of sock puppets and other puppets stashed away. When family or friends visit, have plays prepared and written as a family. Perform these plays live or post on YouTube for everyone to have a good laugh.

    Car Games
    Stored someplace in the car, for those long trips across town or on vacation, keep easy to access games. Sure, the DVD player is sometimes nice to have, but practical games where the whole family becomes involved are much more fun. Make sure everyone has at least one game they enjoy.

    Art Centers
    Whether in a room inside the house, or in the corner of a shed, garage or guest room, an art center should be accessible for those moments of creativity. Drawing boards, canvases, watercolors, a typing area (maybe with an old typewriter) and even a music playing device could all be in one location. These items in one location will make getting away for creative moments an easy task.

    There are many other ideas to keep simple items around the house for your family, knowing what your family is into will help you gather more ideas, but these six will help you get started for a lifetime of memories.