Teenage Driving: 5 Tips To Prepare Your Kids To Drive


    Teenage Driving- 5 Tips To Prepare Your Kids To DriveTeenage drivers are more likely to get traffic tickets and get into accidents due to their inexperience as well as their aggressive driving habits. As a parent, what can you do to ensure that your teen driver stays safe while on the road? Here are some tips that can help you teach your teen good driving habits from day one.

    Always Drive At A Reasonable Speed

    You should always drive no faster than the posted speed limit for a given road. In bad road conditions, you may have to drive significantly slower than that. Driving too fast for the road conditions can cause accidents and can lead to speeding tickets.

    Keep Your Eyes On The Road

    Never let other people in the car distract you from your task of safe driving. If you have to get something to eat, eat in the restaurant or in the parking lot instead of eating while driving. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents and fatalities involving other cars and pedestrians.

    Don’t Talk On The Phone

    Most states have made it illegal to drive while talking on the phone unless you have a hands-free device. Teenagers should know that drivers have been seriously hurt or killed while checking their Facebook status or responding to a text message while driving.

    Never Drink And Drive

    All 50 states have laws that prohibit minors from driving after consuming even a single alcoholic beverage. If your child is pulled over, make sure that they visit www.harronlaw.com to get advice from a DWI lawyer in Austin. If convicted, teenagers can face a lengthy license revocation, fines and community service. A DWI conviction can also make it harder to get a job, get accepted to college and get housing in the future.

    Driving Tired Is Never A Good Idea

    It is never a good idea to drive while you are tired. In fact, it is almost as bad as driving while drunk. Your reaction time is slower when you are tired. In addition, you may be disoriented when you have not gotten enough sleep. The best thing to do is take a nap or have someone else drive until you are awake.


    Teenage drivers don’t know what to expect when they get behind the wheel. This is why it is important for parents to be able to show them the ropes before they get their drivers license.


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      Personal responsibility is the best way to teach to kids.