Summer Fun: 5 Budget-Conscious Backyard Activities for Your Kids

    backyard activitiesWhen the weather turns warm, your children will probably be outside more than they are indoors. Some children like riding bicycles while others enjoy playing in the dirt. There are some fun activities that your entire family can do right in the backyard.

    Obstacle Course

    Who doesn’t like to run like crazy over large objects and play with balls? An obstacle course is the perfect way for families to play against each other. Set up the course with items that are around your home. Use large balls, cones, chairs and more to find out who can finish first.

    Sprinkler Fun

    Although a pool might be a fun addition to the yard, sprinklers are easy to set up and great for children of all ages. Young children can run through the water from sprinklers that move or that have water coming straight up and out. As a parent, you won’t have to worry as much with a sprinkler as you would a pool. If your sprinkler has defects or leaks, you can call a sprinkler repair San Antonio company to come help.

    Scavenger Hunt

    A fun way to play with your children is by making a scavenger hunt. The end of the hunt will be in the kitchen with an ice cream sundae. The items on the list will be the ingredients to make the sundae. Unless they figure out how each item relates to the other, then they will have no idea what is in store for them. Take pictures at the end of the finish line so that you can remember the looks on their faces.

    Ball Game

    Whether it is baseball or dodge ball, a great way to gather the family is with a game. Invite friends over to play a larger game, and serve ice cream or watermelon afterwards. If you have an entire weekend free, then play a variety of games. Set up volleyball net or soccer goals. Give children a variety of things to do.

    Swing Set

    Swing sets have come a long way from the basic slide and swings. There are sets with playhouses and sandboxes attached, and you can get sets with a picnic table with them. Younger children will probably enjoy a swing set. This is another item that you can wait until the end of the season to get.

    As you explore the ideas that your family can do outside, don’t forget that the most important thing is being a family and spending time together.