Should Pregnant Women Drink Alcohol, Wine Or Beer ?

pregnancy drink alcohol

Alcohol is currently used by human beings in huge numbers every year. This is a toxic substance that has negative effects on people but is still being abused at an alarming rate.

For all ages, sex and body, drinking alcohol is recommended to be potentially harmful. Alcohol is particularly dangerous for mothers and fetuses.

Should pregnant women drink alcohol?

should pregnancy drink wine

The answer is not. The harmful effects of alcohol on the average person are dangerous, with pregnant women more dangerous at the alarming level. Not only dangerous for the mother but alcohol affects the fetus also.

Studies have shown that, if you drink too much alcohol, your child will drink as much, because blood alcohol flows to the baby at the same concentration. But, because the maternal excretory system is larger, maternal gonorrhea is less frequent than fetal damage.

Some say that alcohol should not be drinking but can drink beer because it helps baby’s skin pink after giving birth and cleaning amniotic fluid. Other sources also recommend that mothers choose to drink wine as it may increase blood circulation.

In fact, there are not any good beers for the body. The above information is just a PR way for brands of some wineries and absolutely no scientific basis to prove. Let’s find out the terrible effects below for pregnant women.

The effects of alcohol on pregnant women

pregnancy drink alcohol

The content of ethanol in alcohol and beer when added to the body will be converted to acetaldehyde, which is harmful to fetal cells. Experts have discovered the dangerous effects of this substance on pregnant women:

  • Alcohol reduces the flow of blood from the mother to the baby, so nutrients, oxygen and fetal cells are weakened, less growth. Mother will be deficient and at the same time baby also stunted, grow slowly.
  • Alcohol and beer have a great influence on the absorption of zinc and magnesium minerals, or altered enzyme factors, the amount of hormones such as corticosteroids, growth hormones. Zinc and iron can cause anemia in an unborn baby. This is very dangerous for mother and baby.
  • When drinking alcohol, pregnant women are more likely to have a risk of miscarriage due to alcohol induced fetal discomfort and “want to release”.
  • Alcohol changes the structure of the cell membrane, resulting in changes in shape, size, slow growth and slow cell division. All cells are affected, especially nerve cells, in the early stages of pregnancy
  • Alcohol also makes pregnant women vulnerable to dangerous problems such as hemoptysis, early separation of premature ect ….

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Long-term effects of alcohol on the baby

Not only the direct effect on the mother, alcohol can also cause terrible harm to the baby in later life. Depending on the child’s age at birth, these effects have different manifestations.

The severity also depends on the level of mother’s choice of alcohol and her condition. Here are some long term harms to the fetus :

+ Baby will speak slowly, loud voice, sound resting in the throat, pronounced unknown whether the meaning and normal content

+ The ability of children to reflect slowly, poorly focused, color indistinguishable, difficult to remember names and things brain damage.

+ Infants affected by alcohol in the womb are often slow to grow, develop slowly, move in a rhythmic manner, be obnoxious or demanding and annoying to others.

+ Most children affected by alcohol in the womb often have a low IQ, about 68 versus the normal index of 100. Readability, comprehension and mathematical abilities develop unevenly and both are slow.

It is alarming that this syndrome is permanent, because it can not be cured. The reason is that damaged nerve cells can not recover from the womb. If you want your baby to be healthy and smart, mothers should absolutely not drink alcohol even a drop.

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