Should I Lose Weight Before Getting Pregnant ?

Before you decide to become pregnant, there are many things you must learn and prepare. One of them is health. You need to make sure that you have the perfect health for getting pregnant. If you are overweight then you should try to lose weight before getting pregnant. This will be very good for you before you start conceiving.

Overweight and obese women are more likely to have difficulty conceiving and also harder to stay healthy during pregnancy. That is why you need to be prepared more carefully to gently waited for delivery date.

It is advisable for you to follow the golden guidelines below from the planning stage to getting pregnant.

The effects of overweight before getting pregnant :

Should I Lose Weight Before Getting Pregnant

Difficult to conceive: Obese women often have irregular menstrual cycles due to hormonal disturbances, ovulation cycle occurs irregularly, making it difficult for sperm to find eggs, conception rate so also hard to succeed.

Increase risk of deformities in the fetus: Obese mother can also make children more susceptible to congenital malformations and ultrasound images are not highly accurate, difficult to diagnose.

Increase risk of miscarriage: According to British researchers, obese women are three times more likely to have miscarriage than standard weight women. According to experts, the amount of insulin in the blood is too high is the leading cause the protection barrier in the cervix, reduce the resistance, increase the risk of miscarriage.

Hypertension and gestational diabetes: Women who are obese during pregnancy are more likely to face high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy. These two diseases will cause the mother and fetus face dozens of adverse health consequences such as the risk of pre-eclampsia, premature birth, stillbirth, miscarriage …

Increase risk of endometrial cancer: Endocrine disorders in which mainly estrogen disturbances in the body in women is the cause of increasing risk of endometrial cancer, in which estrogen disturbance is the main culprit. And if you get sick, your pregnancy will be postponed.

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Should i lose weight before getting pregnant ?

Yes, for overweight women, weight loss before pregnancy is necessary to ensure that the mother is healthy during pregnancy without causing serious illness to both mother and baby.

Therefore, before planning to be pregnant for 3 months or more should set a plan for proper weight loss.

Weight loss plan before getting pregnant 

Here are some tips to help you lose weight before becoming pregnant:

– Weight control is the first thing you should do if you want to have a baby, even if you are pregnant, you will need to have a weight control strategy as well as a weight gain strategy during this time.

– Weight loss before pregnancy would be better for weight loss during pregnancy. You should not lose weight during pregnancy because your body is working harder now and it needs more energy to support the development of the fetus. So before you intend to become pregnant, you need to plan a strict weight control by combining a scientific diet so that the body is not lacking in nutrients but not gain weight lose control.

A proper diet should be accompanied by regular exercise habits that deliver rapid results and positive benefits. Pregnant women need to consult the opinion of nutritionists for more scientific advice, reasonable.

you need to plan a strict weight control
You need to plan a strict weight control

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– Gynecological examination: Gynecological pathology can sometimes be detected by external signs, but sometimes it is an “unknown person”, so it is necessary to seek medical advice and conclusions from the specialist. It is important to recognize gynecological diseases before pregnancy for radical treatment because the disease can make it more difficult to conceive, increase the risk of miscarriage or make it easier for pregnant women to develop deformities or make them susceptible to later incurable diseases.

Moreover, the percentage of women with gynecological disease in the obese group was higher than that of the other women, which was concluded by the Guangzhou Hospital Cancer Experts. According to them, the body weight of women exceeds the standard weight of 15%, the risk of gynecological diseases will increase by 3 times.

Causes of gynecological diseases are more likely to occur in obese women due to endocrine disorders in the body. More dangerous than this group of women are also at high risk of uterine cancer.

Therefore, gynecological examination before pregnancy should be taken care of and best to do before about 6 months when the intention to conceive.

– Regularly check blood glucose and blood pressure. To know the exact level of blood glucose as well as blood pressure from which to plan the needed health care and treatment at the right time.

Through the notes about losing weight before becoming pregnant, hoping that the amount of information needed to help you know the weight problem will decide to pregnancy and affect the fetus. That is why mothers need to have proper nutrition and plan to lose weight if they are in case the current weight exceeds the allowed level.

If you plan to have a baby, it is essential that you pay special attention to your diet to balance your weight properly. Wish you success and do not forget to visit Pajama Mommy regularly to update the knowledge of pregnancy!

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