Should Babies Listen To Music While Sleeping ?

Many mothers think that when they sleep, they need to keep quiet so they can sleep well. But there are also “sources” that mom should let melodious music when coaxing baby to sleep because so she will “feel” more.

Should the babies  listen to music while sleeping?  Read below article to find the solution.

Should newborn listen to music while sleeping?

Should Babies Listen To Music While Sleeping

From the moment your baby is in the womb, babies are  well-acquainted with a variety of sounds such as heartbeat, stomach sounds or mother’s voice.

Therefore, when sleeping, in fact, he does not need his surroundings completely quiet , in turn, that will make him feel insecure in his sleep.

Experts say that listening to music in bed not only helps children sleep better but also stimulates the child’s intelligence and emotions.

So, let’s play music for the baby while sleeping, but do not play the music too exciting, otherwise the child will feel stimulated leading to sleep difficulties, it is best to give children to listen to melodious songs or lullabies

In addition, according to the scientists’ survey, children who are accompanied by parents, for music, kisses, and tenderness, believe they will grow by about 10 percent compared to those who do not.

Not only that, the motor skills, communication skills, math skills of children who listen to music early will also be improved a lot compared to other children.

In addition, your baby’s digestive system will also work better with music.

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How to choose music for your baby to sleep ?

Traditional music

Although mum is not confident about his voice, let’s boldly lullaby when coaxing him to sleep. Because at this age, he still does not know what is good, bad but always enjoy the voice of his parents.

From past to present, lullaby has always been considered a kind of music for babies sleep most effective.

Lullaby not only helps to bond love between mother and baby, but also nurtures a loving soul, bringing closeness to people and surroundings.

Classical music

Classical music is one of the types of music that works very well to stimulate your baby’s intelligence. The first 2 years of life is the stage of baby’s brain development so strong, so mother should let him listen to this music often.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that the gentle melody of classical music helps keep the mind calm and gives them a good night’s sleep, especially for those who have trouble falling asleep.

Not only that, classical music also affects the nervous system of the baby, helping her develop better language, thus enhancing her ability to hear, talk and remember.

When you listen to classical music, your baby’s brain produces more endorphins. This will improve the mood and bring a sense of relaxation to the baby body.

However, the classical music is so diverse and not the kind that fits well with the baby. Mum should choose to give her children a rhythmic, regular music, not too stimulating and simple, easy to understand.

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Let your baby listen to music properly

Music works miracles for baby. But let’s hear what music is the right way, not all mothers know. The following are the notes when the baby listening to music, the mother should know:

Let’s start listening to music early: Research shows that babies remember and like the music they heard while they were in the womb.

So, if you have a habit of listening to music right from the start of pregnancy, continue with this after your baby is born. Mother should give her newborn baby hear the songs, music that I often hear during pregnancy. Baby will feel the familiarity of the rhythm.

Give your baby a listen or listen to his mother sing a song at a time of day to help him match the song with the habits, create a fun route for the baby.

Do not give your baby a sad tune: The mother may not know that: “The tone of anger can stir the baby, as well as gentle melodies will soothe, help her feel close, pleasant “Said Dr. Douglas Gentile, Iowa State University.

Babies 5 months can distinguish the song from optimistic or gloomy, so mothers should not let the children hear the melody song sadly.

Do not let your baby listen to music constantly: Mom should only let children listen to music for no more than 15 minutes, no more than 3 times a day. Listening to music constantly will make your child not focus on his mother’s voice, from which birth to slow speech, lazy talk.

Article help you answer questions Can babies listen to music while sleeping or listening to music as well as knowing how to listen to music properly to music can bring great things for the baby. Letting children listen to music is also a good way of teaching children at an early age!

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