PLAYSKOOL Cottony Cloths

    Call me crazy but I was actually super excited when these came out. I wish I had known my post about them didn’t show up (fortunately a friend of mine said um.. yeah you’re slow! ;) )

    Okay not to be gross but personally for babies and adults I find it to be a lot cleaner in my mind to use these types of things than just regular TP. You don’t need to use as much and I just feel its overall more sanitary. Aside from the fact that these are cotton and hypoallergenic and oh so nice on the wee ones bottoms! I think they are amazing. I use them not just for the babies, but I also keep them handy in my car. I find my hands to not only be cleaner and not sticky unlike some of the other wet wipes out there but overall they are just an amazing product.

    These items are exclusively at CVS (so for the person who wins our photobooks while your there you should pick up a package!)  They are exceptionally affordable. When my stock ran out I did go out and buy more. I like the smaller packages for work and for my purse. I’m so neurotic at my offline job. I like to clean the phone and my calculator (I work at a bank so I constantly use it!) regularly. I have a calculator someone used prior and it was very dirty when I received it so I like to leave my space nice and clean just incase someone else is ever sitting at my desk for whatever reason they don’t have to feel that there are gross germs running around.

    So I always keep this and a nice hand sanitzer ready and waiting! They are so amazing I use them to take off my makeup!

    (P.S. they now sell them in 80 count bulk bags at a still really low cost. check them out!)