7 Easy-To-Grow Plants For Gardening Beginners

Red Beets

You love to grow your own vegetables but do not know where to start? There are some fruits and vegetables that are easier to plant than others, and obviously, if you are a beginner in gardening, experiment with these plants. Below is a list of the seven most easy-to-plant species and some tips for getting you started easily.



Potatoes do not have seeds, instead you will use the potato itself to make seeds. You can grow potatoes in pots, sponges or directly on garden soil if available. But plant your potatoes with special attention to watering and fertilizing, then harvest your potatoes can be large.

How to plant: you will bury each potato down the ground from 2,4-3,1 inch (not fill the soil). Within a few weeks you will see the first sprouts growing, and you can let it continue to grow until the plant is about 10 cm tall. Then you cover tree with soil and fertilizer. When the leaves grow back, repeat the old procedure about 2-3 times to help the plant out more potatoes. When the plant starts to flower, you can harvest it.

Because potatoes are tubers, so if you do not harvest, then after a while the plants will grow and start to grow new potatoes. However, it can attract pests, so it is best to harvest and replant new potatoes every year.

In order to grow best, you should cover the straw or cut grass. The potato is not deep in the soil, however, you need to make sure it is not exposed to the sun. If exposed to the sun, the potato turns blue, and you should leave because eating the potato sprouts can cause illness.



Strawberries are most suitable when planted in spring and in nutrient-rich soils. You can create a layer of humus around it by removing straw, cloth and stool to help the soil contain nutrients as well as grass that can not grow. Use cardboard, straw, or egg cartons to keep the fruit on high. Strawberries usually ripen in June.

Planting method: You can buy seeds and self-seed or buy seed from seedling stores. Strawberries can be grown directly on land or in pots, troughs or hanging baskets, depending on the space you have.

Strawberry is a perennial, in the first three years the tree will produce the most fruit. After 3 years you can replace with new tree. Birds and snails will be your biggest enemies when growing strawberries, so be sure to protect the trees with nets and keep the fruit from touching the ground.



If you have an outdoor space and you like the raspberry, make a raspberry tree. Raspberries can grow well in the sun, shade or both and do not require too much of nutrition or effort. There are two types of raspberries: the fruit of the summer and fruit in the fall.

Planting: You can plant raspberry pots at any time of the year, but the most common way is to grow raspberries with roots. To ensure that the plant grows, every year in the spring you should fertilize the plant. Raspberries are perennial plants, but for the best fruit to grow, you need to pay attention to pruning plants every year.

  4.Green Onions

Green Onions

How to Grow: You can grow onions with seeds, but the easier way is to grow them with small onions. You can plant on the ground or in pots with lots of fertilizer and compost. Water the plants regularly and you can harvest green onions for family meals throughout spring and summer!

Actually the onions are perennials. After planting, the onion will grow year after year. You will see it go down and die in late autumn, but do not worry, it will spring back in spring.

In addition, when the flowers are purple, flowers will be very beautiful, but you need to cut this flower. If you intend to plant a tree, you can retain its flowers.



When you know how easy it is to grow lettuce, you’ll frown every time you spend money on a vegetable or a supermarket. With the price of a bag of lettuce bought at the market or supermarket, you can have vegetables every season.

How to grow: Lettuce can be grown well in pots or boxes. The lettuce is very small and the best way is to sprinkle the seeds on the ground, then cover a little soil – about 1 mm. Water the plants regularly, and cut leaves with scissors when the plant is about 3,5-4,7 inch tall. They will grow back in about a month. Lettuce can grow both in shade and in the sunshine, but with summer heat, vegetables tend to flower.

Lettuce is an annual crop. As soon as the plants are no longer growing, the stems and new seeds are added, the vegetable stems and roots of the vegetables will decompose into organic fertilizers that will support the new seeds.

  6.Red Beets

Red Beets

This is probably the easiest vegetable to grow among the vegetables suggested in this article. It takes only 4-8 weeks to harvest the red beet. That means you can grow them together with plants that need more time to harvest. You can even plant them above the potato land as soon as you finish covering the soil 2-3 times for potatoes.

How to grow: You can easily buy seeds in vegetable seed stores. Sow each vegetable seed 0,4 inch apart. Red beets do not need a lot of cover, so make sure the plant is covered with enough soil. Water regularly for trees and prune trees as trees grow.

When you start to see the big roots when you are about to harvest, and when you see the size of the bulb is about the size of it in the market or supermarket, it is time to pull the bulb up and bring the bulb to eat.

Red beets can be planted in two seasons, spring and winter. If planted in the spring, the plant will grow much faster, and of course the harvest time will soon. But if grown in winter, the bulbs will be larger and more fragrant, but longer time.



Rhubarb is good for health, such as providing good vitamin A for the eyes, helping to build strong bones and teeth, prevent constipation and help lower blood pressure. Rhubarb, however, can only eat the trunk, leaves of the plant are poisonous, so do not eat, but can use it for compost.

Planting method: Rhubarb needs to be planted in areas with the least amount of sunlight – they will grow in the shade, but of course, they still need natural light. This plant does not need much fertilizer and compost but if you want to grow well you should compost the straw with a bit of fertilizer every spring. Seeds can be sown for planting, but the easiest way is to plant a seedling.

As perennials, leaves and stems will droop and die each year but will grow again in early spring. Rhubarb does not grow well if planted in a pot, so grow it directly to the ground in the garden.

It does not take much care, the time of harvest is fast, it is easy to grow directly on land or in pots – these are 7 kinds of trees for beginners.

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