One of my smaller pet peeves.

    When you truly get to know me, you’ll know that in the grand scheme of things, very little gets under my skin.  I am incredibly easy to get along with and generally happy go lucky.  However, there are those few small things that drive me absolutely batty.  Things that many people wouldn’t even think about, but I spend all the time in the world thinking about.  That’s how ridiculously small my pet peeve is in the grand scheme of things.

    Anytime I go grocery shopping, I will sort through the shopping carts.  It sounds like a crazy old person thing to do, but it drives me absolutely bonkers to get stuck with a cart that has one wheel completely out of sync.  I cannot stand it!   I hate just rolling through the aisles and suddenly BAM!  the cart wheel fails and your cart is either 1)  hard to push, 2) makes a horrendous sound or 3) goes all swivel on you and steers itself in its own direction.  One of my favorite places to shop, IKEA, has carts with the swivel plate casters and it drives me absolutely crazy.  To the extent of not even wanting to shop there anymore.  That is how bad this “pet peeve” of mine has gotten.

    Sadly, it is not just shopping carts.  It is anything on wheels.  Like the medicine carts/treatment carts in nursing homes.  Having worked in a nursing home for two years, I have sadly seen carts that obviously have the wrong plate casters on them to begin with.  It is almost as if the manufacturer does not put casters on them that will accurately support the weight of the items being moved throughout the facility.  Some of these carts actually become extremely hard to push around and move about, almost a heavy feeling.

    So now that y’all have read about one of my crazy pet peeves.. I want to know what some of yours are?  The crazier the better, as it will help me feel better about my own personal insanity.