My New Flat Screen Mount

    I bought a brand new Flat Screen TV as a Christmas Gift to myself and I’ve been re-doing my room slowly but surely. The next step that I wanted to do was look at TV mounts. that swivels just incase I move my bed. I think having the ones that move especially in a room that has a lot of natural light gives the watcher a chance to watch without a ridiculous glare.

    I get a glare a lot on the TV in the living room. However, since it is almost a 70″ Projection screen TV that one had to sit on a floor mount since at the time the wall swivels just were a little too new for me. But now there is so much that have bee put into the design and they are quite a bit more reliable.

    I have been on the hunt for a really good mount. I love the design’s smoothness. I am really pleased with the price of the mount I am showing to the left. It is only $128 and thats a $52 discount off the original price! I am really pleased with the selections. They organize it by TV size when you know what type of rack or mount you are looking for, so it made shopping really comfortable and easy. I know what I am getting for myself for my birthday now! I am happy!