MOVING SOON? Tell Your Best “WOW” Story and Win a $100 Gift Certificate

    Moving is actually an exciting time in our household, as we are moving every three years. My husband has been in the army for ten years and every three the army packs us up and moves us. It’s always an exciting adventure to find a new house, adjust to a new community, meet new friends, and find new hobbies. I say it’s exciting because we do not have to pack ourselves. We do not have to load items into a vehicle, make sure items are safe, and unpack when we arrive to destination. I know moving can be difficult without any help and I have many friends who move multiple times a year. Actually, my husband and I move more frequently than every three years, because we wind up moving to a different home/apartment if we do not like the one we are renting. Moving is easier when you have friends and family to help out. My favorite thing about the army moving us is the customer service. The army arranges everything for you and if anything negative occurs, the customer service is amazing in helping you.

    Everyone loves good customer service. My husband and I have actually canceled services in the past if we did not have a good customer service representative to help us with our issues. If you are in search of helpful movers or just need some trash removal, College Hunks is there to help. College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving is a group of college buddies who borrowed a beat up cargo van and dubbed themselves COLLEGE HUNKS HAULING JUNK®. People in the neighborhood would call the “COLLEGE HUNKS” for anything that involved strong backs and a truck. Word quickly spread about a group of friendly, intelligent college students that could help sort, move, recycle and dispose of peoples items. A business was born. Today, College Hunks is the largest employer of college students in the nation. The University of Home Services offers accredited courses in a wide range of topics from recycling to marketing.


    College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving are offering a $100 gift certificate as an award for the most memorable customer service experience (any customer service experience!!).

    HOW TO WIN $100

    Pajama Mommy Readers: All you have have to do is leave a comment defining what you believe is the ultimate level of service and make suggestions for what College Hunks could do to “WOW” their Moving, Junk Removal and Donation Pickup clients. Also, be sure to let us know what your most memorable customer service experience was. The Hunks will then take your information and use it to further improve their clients’ experiences. I, the blogger, will then choose the best story and the winner will win a $100 gift certificate for moving or junk removal.


    Go to College Hunks Facebook and like their Facebook and share your story through the “What’s Your Wow?” contest tab.


    1. Those are some college hunks! Id say just recently I won a giveaway and I moved in the process. They sent a play station game (what I won) to the old address. I emailed the blogger and told her what happened, and they had some extra copies so they sent me another one to the new address! This mistake was my fault, and I think that was going above and beyond. I won another giveaway and this same thing happened it was from Energizer and they were like oh well.