Making Your Garden More Inviting

Making Your Garden More Inviting

In Pajama Mommy’s Home Garden archive, we showed how you can start off on the right foot when it comes to gardening by highlighting the tools that everyone uses to conquer their gardens. We also featured plants which are easy to grow in order to help novice gardeners practice their newfound hobby and passion. Given that you already have some knowledge on the basics, it’s time to learn how you can further improve your garden.

Of course, most homeowners use their gardens as places for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors aside from exercising their green thumbs. What better way to do that than to make your garden even more inviting?

Aside from the usual methods like placing a bench or swing here and there, we have drawn up some additional tips to turn your garden into one of the most appealing aspects of your home.

Construct a walkway

garden flowers paths green spring


Creating a walkway – even if it’s only a few steps – is a great way to “welcome” people without actually saying anything. And considering that you’ve already showed them the way to your garden, walking to it via a beautifully designed pathway is the best welcoming gesture that you can provide them towards your backyard.

Install statues

garden gnomes garden figures dwarf

(image: Pixabay)

There’s a reason why statues are commonly placed in gardens aside from their aesthetic impact. They give off a feeling of not being alone which adds to the welcoming atmosphere of your garden.

Plus, many garden statues are usually associated with jolly stories and positive traits. Garden gnomes are a perfect example of this, which is why they are commonly used in gardens around the world. Although these figurines were already widespread since the late 1800s, Modern Farmer explained how garden gnomes became even more appealing due to the success of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Gnomes and dwarfs are also surrounded by superstition, the most prominent of which is that they serve as guardians of the gardens they frequent. It’s the same case with other characters that are synonymous with these figures such as the leprechaun, which is widely believed to bring owner’s good fortune. This is a recurring theme even in modern media and they have many symbols of wealth associated with them. This association has even made its way to online games with Rainbow Riches incorporating the famous pot of gold that’s always tied to the mythical being. Naturally, many homeowners are drawn to these compelling stories, which is also why garden gnomes, dwarf figurines, leprechaun statues and other similar ornaments are popular fixtures in gardens, not to mention that they make your green space a little more interesting on the eye.

Place artificial structures for living visitors from the wild

bird house bird house nature

(image: Pixabay)

Additionally, your inanimate décor can be complimented by living animals like birds, butterflies and bees that visit your garden. Although this is not for everyone, especially gardeners who grow produce that don’t want their crops to be consumed by visitors regardless of whether they’re friendly guests or pests.

That said, Natural Living Ideas suggested some improvements for making your garden more inviting to wildlife. They include an ‘insect hotel’, bird feeder, rock garden and even a door for small creatures like frogs and hedgehogs.

All in all, making your green space more inviting doesn’t necessarily involve over-the-top landscaping modifications. By putting emphasis on subtle communication, a lively atmosphere and man’s inclination to nature, you’d surely have people (and animals) coming back to your garden.

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