Make your skin look smoother by removing acne

    Acne is a skin condition that has been misinterpreted for such a long time especially in the traditional past. There are some communities that regarded acne as a curse and as such little was done towards finding a cure for the condition.  Science has shed light through scientific research and processes that have revealed the causes of acne and the possible cures to such a condition. It is undeniable that acne can destroy the appearance of the skin making one attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

    It is a fact that if you have battled acne for some time then your skin should be left with scars which need the best possible mode of treatment to remove them. Well, below are some ways of eliminating the scars caused by acne.

    Laser guided treatment
    There is a more painless option and more advanced way of removing acne scars to say the least. This method involves the use of lasers in the repair of damaged old skin. The chemistry behind it is that the lasers which are narrow beams of concentrated light heat the skin in such a manner that the new skin is stimulated to grow again. The laser treatments also vary depending on the level of discomfort and the periods it takes for the skin to recover. This means that the comfortable and quick recovery option is more expensive in terms of monetary outlay compared to the other option which takes some time for the skin to fully recover. Before any laser treatment is administered, the patient is placed under a dose of anesthesia to make the process painless. Despite the time it will take for the skin to heal, the final outcome is a clear and smooth skin.


    Through chemical treatment
    There are chemicals that help in peeling off the old top layer of the skin; this is the layer is most often affected the use of chemicals has been seen as the most effective yet an inexpensive method of removing the acne scars. The other advantage with the use of chemicals is that the removal of scars is for good with no traces of the past. A look at the acne skin before and after reveals a totally change over. Depending on the degree of acne infections, the options may vary in cost and effectiveness. For instance where the scars are not many then you can go for the inexpensive chemicals while the reverse holds true. The use of chemicals should also be approved by the doctor. This is very important since some chemicals react with some skin types bringing out an effect that is worse than initially imagined.

    The use of plastic surgery
    Plastic surgery has for long been used to repair damaged parts of the skin and for other reasons. The effectiveness of plastic surgery is incomparable as most of the patients who have gone through it have adopted totally different looks. Victims of burns and accidents have gone through such operations to change the appearance of their skins and have a total overhaul of the affected areas. The cost implication is relatively high compared to the other methods but the results are more rewarding. Plastic surgery is normally practiced by a specialized team of doctors who have proficiency in that particular field. Plastic surgery is more preferred where there are large patches of damaged skin because in such scenarios, those patches of skin are peeled and replaced by skin from other parts of the body in a process called skin grafting. The time taken to recover depends on the individual and their biological make up. Some recover faster than others.

    The use of injections
    As the mantra goes there are many ways of killing a rat, so are the ways of treating acne scars. In addition to the aforementioned ways of treating acne scars, there is still another one that is also used on patients with the acne scar problem; the use of steroidal injections. This method however is less preferred by both doctors and the patients because of the reactions that the steroids administered have with the body. Some have reported severe side effects while others have gone through it successfully. However the bottom line is that this option should be lastly considered after all the possible options have been analyzed.

    The good news is that it is possible to get a smoother skin by removing acne.

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