Just Keep Swimming: Five Tips for Safely Enjoying the Pool with Your Kids

    just keep swimmingSwimming is a favorite summer pastime for many families with young children. Not only is swimming a great way to get some healthy exercise while having family fun, but it also offers an opportunity to teach your kids about water safety. If you are getting ready to enjoy some fun in the pool this summer with your kids, here are five ways to make sure everyone stays safe in the water.

    Establish a Partner System

    While younger children must always be supervised, older children with strong swimming skills may swim with an adult nearby. However, no matter how well a child swims, he or she should always be accompanied by a partner. Be sure your kids know they should only swim with your permission and establish a buddy system to serve as a safeguard if trouble should arise.

    Inspect and Maintain Your Pool

    At the beginning of swimming season, it is important to have your pool inspected to make sure it is in top condition for swimming. Cracked finishing, unstable decks and improperly installed drains can all pose a risk for your children’s safety. If repairs are needed, choose a quality company, such as New Image Pool Interiors Inc., to install new features to keep your pool running efficiently while ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

    Enroll in Swimming Lessons

    Every child who swims in your pool this summer should be enrolled in swimming lessons to sharpen their skills while reinforcing water safety concepts. While you are signing the kids up, be sure to enroll in a course yourself so you can learn important life-saving skills such as first aid and CPR.

    Set Up a Security System

    Swimming pools are attractive to children and even those who have been taught not to swim unattended could be tempted by a toy floating in the water. To avoid accidental drowning, set up a security system that includes a floating alarm, a fence and a pool cover. Double up on your security by also making sure all doors and windows leading to the pool are equipped with locks.

    Enforce the Rules

    Setting up safety rules is only effective if they are enforced every time. Be sure to monitor your children when they are in the pool and remind them of the rules every time they swim. By keeping safety at the forefront of your kids’ minds, you will be able to ensure many hours spent safely in the pool this summer.