Journey Gym: The Introduction

    I am going to be honest and say, “I do not exercise like I should!” Sure, I do stretches here and there, sometimes I go to Zumba classes when the husband is off work – but finding the time can be tough. Although, I cannot really blame it on mommyhood, because I didn’t do much exercising before. Now that I am a mommy I am more cautious of my weight, figure, and being healthy. When you are chasing a toddler around, you begin to notice what areas of your body need worked on, if you know what I mean. We have a membership at the local YMCA where I take my daughter swimming but I do not exercise there because of child care issues. When I was introduced to the Journey Gym, I was more than excited to try it out. Journey Gym is a portable gym you can take anywhere, even on vacation and use it in almost any place (bathroom, hotel rooms, and even outdoors). The Journey Gym comes equipped with 30 resistance bands (5-75 lbs per side), adjustable handles, full set of legs to raise the gym into a stair stepper for cardio, workout DVD with and a free online community (

    Now, you are probably wondering how it works, right? I was thinking the same thing when I opened it up. The Journey Gym “utilizes a proprietary resistance system which allows for you to have between 5 and 150 lbs. of resistance providing a real strength training workout for your shoulders, arms, chest, back, abdominals, and legs.” Still trying to figure it out? Let me show you.

    Here is what the Journey Gym looks like when it’s opened. There are resistance bands on both sides with different colors & resistance:

    Orange – The orange bands are the lights and provide approximately 5 pounds resistance at 200% extension.
    Blue – The blue bands are in the medium and provide approximately 10 pounds resistance at 200% extension.
    Green – The green bands are the heaviest offer approximately 15 pounds resistance at 200% extension.

    I asked the husband to join in and show me how to use the Journey Gym. My husband regularly exercises at the gym and runs 2 1/2 miles a day. He understands equipment like this and I do not. We popped in the DVD, opened up the gym, and got started. Now, the DVD is fast paced, so go ahead and have your gym open and ready when you put the DVD in. I would recommend for Journey Gym to go a little slower when showing how to put everything together, because we had to pause the DVD a couple of times to catch up. The Journey Gym is not hard to put together once you do it once, it requires:

    1.) Removing the handles
    2.) Removing the legs to turn the gym into a stair stepper
    3.) Attaching handles to resistance bands of choice
    4.) Attaching full set of legs

    Once you have this done, you can continue on with some of the sample exercises on the DVD. The DVD will explain how to adjust the handles for your height and how to do the exercises. My husband played around with it for awhile to get used to it. I suggest doing this so that you will feel comfortable when standing on the gym, moving around on it, and getting used to how the handles and bands work. Comfort is the key to a successful workout.

    Although I am the main person going to be using the gym, it’s going to take me awhile to get comfortable using it. I completed the first set of a ten minute exercise and the video was easy to follow along with and great for beginners. Although the DVD only comes with two set of exercise programs, you can join and get more exercises with music. I haven’t had the opportunity to do this yet, as I am still getting used to things. You need to:

    1.) Sign up at
    2.) Choose exercises from 180 different exercises
    3.) Add the exercises to your workout timeline
    4.) Once video is created, choose your music (100 songs)
    5.) Save video, share it, your rip it to a DVD

    For the next two weeks I will be working out on the Journey Gym. I will be taking pictures and a video to show my progress. As I become more comfortable with the gym, the more I will be able to share with you. So far the only negativity I have about the gym is the noise. Now, the gym itself and while working out does not create any noise whatsoever. But when I first tried the gym I attempted it while my daughter was sleeping. When opening the gym there are two loud clicking noises, once the gym is open and you are removing things you will need to get started, it’s not loud at all. When putting things away and closing the gym is when it’s loud – so be careful doing this during bedtime of nap time as we woke my daughter up three times. Keep in mind this depends on where your child may be sleeping, if they are a light sleeper (like mine) or a heavy sleeper. You may have no issues with this in your household, I just wanted you to be prepared for a “just in case.”

    After two weeks I will be updating more about the Journey Gym and will be hosting an one month long giveaway for Pajama Mommy Readers. Participants in the giveaway will also be entered into winning a grand prize from Journey Gym.



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