Imagine the possibilities!

    NovaTime1000EmployeeTimeClockSystemMy life has become a routine of sorts.  I wake up in the morning, get ready for the day, drop the kids off to school and home again to do work around the house or PJM.  Some days I have more time than others, depending on the hours I work at my outside of the home job.  It amazes me sometimes just how much work I am capable of getting done in a given week and some days, I feel like Super Woman.  On my off days, I sometimes feel as though I didn’t get nearly enough done.

    So as I was talking to my mother the other day about all of this because let’s face it, what’s more interesting than listening to a control freak plan out their day or find ways to cut their work load/work time in half, I joked about wanting to install a time clock in my house to keep track of all the hours I put into every project I try to tackle throughout the work week.  I would punch in when I began each task to see just how much time I am wasting throughout the day.

    Then maybe I could figure out new ways to make better use of my time.  I could get everything accomplished within a timely manner and have more time to snuggle up on my babies.  If I had all of that extra time, could you imagine how many more projects I could tackle?  It would be insanity in my household, though it already technically is out of control.  Or I could pick up even more hours at my outside of the home job and start building a real savings account again.  Just sitting here, I am imagining all of the fabulous possibilities! Now to figure out how to get my hands on a time clock..


    1. i’m also planning to get more job done since i don’t manage my time well