I Am What I Am – Review and Giveaway

    I love going to those all-in-one kinds of stores… the ones where you can pick up a nice shirt for the evening, buy a bike, and also get a carton of eggs. It’s kind of difficult to find those kinds of places in regards to jewelry though. Hm. I really like finding jewelry shops like that that have a little more than just awesome jewelry. That’s how I found I Am What I Am, a cute jewelry shop with jewelry that features positive, uplifting messages stamped on them… and they aren’t always in English, which makes it so much cooler. The artist, Jessi, makes buttons, mirrors, and handstamps pieces of jewelry with phrases such as “amour de ma vie“, meaning “love of my life” in French, and “alis volat propiis“, which is “she flies by her own wings” in Latin. There are bracelets, rings, and necklaces available to be stamped with beautiful exotic messages, and there are also pocket mirrors, buttons, and hair accessories! See? All in one!

    I had the chance to see a couple of Jessi’s items up close and personal. The first item was a pocket mirror with cute little stick people and hearts on it. I fell in love with this one first, because nobody says beauty has to be elaborate and overbearing. I thought it was the most adorable thing ever, and I thought it was cool how that design was on the back and then the mirror was on the front and was clean and shiny! I love festive mirrors! The other two were a keychain and a magnet with fun little sayings and designs on the back. I loved all three items! I know that her jewelry has to be as flawless as the three items I received… Jessi takes good care of every piece that she makes and they come out beautifully. Not only can you find positive jewelry that celebrates the person that you are, but you can get other accessories as well! What more could a girl as for?

    Jessi is giving away her I Am Strong copper cuff to one lucky PJ Mommy reader. The cuff reads alis volat propiis, or “she flies by her own wings” in Latin. It is polished and oxidized and would be beautiful on any wrist. For a chance to win, check out the rules below!


    1. Contest is open to ALL READERS! U.S. and abroad!

    2. You must leave a comment on our blog finishing the statement “I am ___,” filling it with a word that describes you and why.

    3. Visit I Am What I Am and tell us your favorite item in the shop. THIS IS MANDATORY.

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    1. I am Forgiven.
      If it were not for the forgiving grace of JESUS, I would be nothing else nor will I ever be.

    2. My favorite item from the ‘I am What I am’ store are the ‘I am His- I am Hers’ rings.

    3. I like the pjmommy facebook site.

    4. I am Loved.
      I am loved my son.
      My 2 favorite item is I am a Star necklace and the I Am The Love of A Lifetime necklace


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    9. Vicki Wurgler says:

      I am blessed-I have a wonderful husband, my children are healthy and my grandchildren live close by us-so we get to see them grow up.
      I like the
      I Am As Free As A Bird

    10. I am BOLD! I like to make myself heard and I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. But I still try to be nice at the same time! :)

      coriwestphal at msn dot com

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    15. SORRY! Forgot the 2nd Mandatory Entry! Oops!

      I love the I Am Vintage hair pins! My daughter would love em!

      coriwestphal at msn dot com