How To Relieve Baby Constipation When Weaning?

Constipation when weaning is one of many gastrointestinal problems that newborns often experience during periods of weaning that many mothers worry about.

Stage of weaning  is a very important stage for your baby’s development. Therefore, in addition to finding the right method to eat for the baby, the mother and baby also have the risk of problems occurring during weaning as constipation.

Constipation often makes the baby uncomfortable, crying, sleep is not good, eat not delicious. At that time, what should mom do?

baby constipation when weaning

Causes of constipation when weaning

A child with constipation when weaning can come from many causes such as:

  • Because the baby’s digestive system is immature, it can not adapt immediately to new foods that cause the baby’s body to react.
  • Because the baby’s bowel is sensitive to certain foods that cause constipation or worse, it can cause food poisoning depending on severity.
  • Baby eat too much leads to indigestion.
  • Your baby’s diet is out of balance. Baby eat a lot of foods rich in protein and starch but low in fiber.
  • Your baby is allergic to the composition of the milk or can not tolerate the lactose contained in milk.
  • Every day your children are not provided with enough body water that makes their stools become hard and leads to constipation.
  • Your baby has a disease, or due to he has congenital diseases such as colon….

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Expressions of baby constipation when weaning:

Constipation is the most obvious sign that your baby’s stools are hard and dry. She cry when defecating, the number of defecation diminished gradually, may be bloody stool. Poor appetite, irritability, eating disorders, irritability, or vomiting.

How to relieve constipation when weaning?

Treatment of constipation for newborns is not a difficult task. However, if your child’s constipation is not detected and corrected in time, it can become a cause for many future harm to your baby’s development.

Based on the cause of constipation, mothers can overcome constipation in a number of ways:

  • Adjust the dietary component of your baby’s daily diet. Limit your child’s intake of constipation foods such as starchy foods, high protein foods, and so on. Instead, give your baby more of whole grains such as plain porridge and rice porridge barley, black sesame … Enhance fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber and minerals in your baby’s diet. Avoid giving your baby sugar-rich fruits because sugar affects the kidneys, putting pressure on the baby’s digestive system, causing constipation.
  • Let your baby exercise gently by encouraging her to crawl or walk to stimulate her bowel movements that aid digestion.
  • Divide your baby’s meals into small meals, do not over-feed your baby for every meal, or you can grind food to reduce the burden on your baby’s immature digestive system.
  • Give your baby plenty of fluids. When your baby is about weaning, it is important to feed your baby frequently with meals to avoid having dehydration, which can cause constipation.
  • Mom can perform baby’s abdominal massage in a circle clockwise to help baby feel comfortable and can improve constipation in newborns.

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When the mother noticed that the baby was constipated and had done the above treatment, but her constipation still no signs of improvement, take the child to the nearest specialist to get advice and have reasonable treatment. Absolutely not used laxatives to treat constipation for children to reduce difficulties in the treatment later.

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