How To Avoid Baby Choking Milk And Ways To Do First Aid

Due to the nervous system, the digestive system and some organs are not fully developed, especially babies, often choke milk, which can lead to suffocation or even death if heavy and not properly treated. Here’s how to fight baby choking in babies that moms should know immediately to ensure baby safety.

Causes of baby choking milk

baby choking milk

When babies are choked, milk enters the trachea, bronchi, even into the alveoli, clogs the respiratory tract or interferes with the air exchange between the alveoli and capillaries, so there is a risk leading to death.

The baby is sucked milk mainly due to improper feeding, or due to the nipple is too wide compared to the mouth of the baby and produce more milk to cause choking milk.

More dangerous if the baby is lying down, food (milk) is very easy to fall into the airway, causing cyanosis and suffocation. If it is not promptly treated, the child is very likely to die.

Therefore, baby choking on milk while breastfeeding should be the mother’s attention and concern. To do that, it is important that the mother breastfeed properly and select the appropriate milk bottle to prevent choking.

Avoid baby choking milk :

– Mom should not let baby sleep while it sucks.

– Mom does not play with your baby, making baby laugh makes it easy to choke.

– When the baby should hold the head high, in a comfortable position, should not fold the neck or neck too (folding neck will cause difficulty swallowing, while the neck is easy to choke Milk to nose).

– Feed your baby slowly, not in a hurry, especially for weak children, premature birth. At night, the mother should sit up neatly, holding the baby with two hands put the baby in comfortable posture, then begin breastfeeding.

– When your baby is coughing or cried, moms must stop breastfeeding immediately.

– When breastfeeding is too much and your baby is not swallowed up, mom can use two fingers to pinch the nipple to stop the milk.

– When breastfeeding, the bottle should be tilted about 45 degrees, the more children will enjoy feeding

When the spoon is poured into the baby’s mouth, it should be poured slowly, do not rush, avoid to spill over the nose.

– Especially, after breastfeeding children should not put the baby right down to the bed or cradle that the mother should raise the child up, pat pushing the back of the child (between the shoulder blades) will prevent the child vomiting milk.

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Signs baby choking milk:

– Body convulsions, can not cry, vomiting milk or saliva, …

– Skinny nose drops, pale skin

– Sudden abrupt cough, choking, crying out.

First aid baby choking milk :

– Quickly get milk in a child’s mouth out using suction mouth to mouth and nose of the child is out of milk. As fast as possible because if the delay will cause the milk to deep into the bronchi, the milk to milk long hard to save.

– In case of long choking, the ability to rescue will be very difficult so after sucking the mother should strongly stimulate so that children can cry and breathe. Then moms quickly took the child to the nearest hospital for medical first aid.

In addition, if the baby is choking milk with the expression of pale, shortness of breath, mother put the child down, with five hands on the back of the shoulder pads and flip back. If the child can cry then quickly transfer to the nearest hospital to continue monitoring.

With this knowledge, mother has learned the causes, how to avoid as well as how to prevent newborn choking milk. Hope this article will help mothers have more experience baby care.

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