Top 3 Health Benefits Of Seaweed For Your Baby

Seaweed has long been known as nutritious food, effective in health care and beauty. Seaweed is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, especially good for baby.  Especially the wonderful use of seaweed with children has led many parents to be persuaded and start adding seaweed ingredients to the ration of the baby properly.

Benefits of seaweed for baby:

baby eat seaweed

Good for your baby’s digestive system

Seaweed is a diet rich in fiber. Fiber in seaweed helps laxative, enhance metabolism, help the baby body to absorb other nutrients better. Fiber also supports weight loss if the baby is obese, good for the digestive and cardiovascular system of the baby.

In addition, seaweed is an alkaline and low-salt food, neutralize acid in the stomach, prevent stomach ulcers, colon cancer and stomach cancer, help the digestive system of the baby be better.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your baby’s development

Seaweed absorbs more than 90 kinds of minerals and vitamins are found in seawater, so seaweed is a very nutritious food, especially for baby.

DHA is found in seaweed to help children develop good brain, enhance memory, intelligence for baby. Minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, phosphorus, beta carotene, selenium, vitamins A (much higher than fruits), E, C, B vitamins … very good for growth of the baby, bone and healthy teeth, help children grow faster, increase muscle growth, prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent cancer, increase the resistance to the body.

In particular, seaweed contains ferlite clement, which regulates blood circulation, detoxifies the body and is a “catalyst” to help growth hormone production hormones.

Cooling, eliminating toxins for the body

In addition to the effect of cooling the baby, alginate in the seaweed also prevent the body to absorb toxic substances, toxins excreted outside the body, very necessary for the baby.

Note when giving baby seaweed

– It is advisable to use only seaweed for 6 months or more, as the organs in the baby’s body can adapt to seaweed.

– It should only be given to small children, up to once a week, not to abuse to avoid allergies and unwanted effects.

– When the baby allergic to seaweed, stop giving baby.

– Do not use seaweed if your baby has diarrhea or signs of hyperthyroidism.

Seaweed is a golden food for human health, especially for children. Hope mom has more useful information to supplement nutrients for baby.

Make food from seaweed for baby

When you cook seaweed porridge, you need to learn how to remove the smell of seaweed first. Before cooking, let the seaweed soak in warm water for about 20 minutes; Then, pick out, squeeze with salt to remove the fishy. Then wash all the salt, chopped seaweed like vegetables to baby. Finally, I cooked with porridge.

Mom can also marinate seaweed with some ginger or other foods that can smell fishy.

Food can be cooked with seaweed porridge: seaweed porridge, tofu for baby 8 months or more; mushroom soup, seaweed

Making soup seaweed egg for the baby:

Material: Some seaweed; lean; egg yolk.

How to do: Let the seaweed into the bowl of warm water, soak for a few minutes, picking out the chopped.

Minced meat.

Put the rice in the pot, cook into porridge. Boil the meat and stir well. Meat cooked eggs into the pot, then the heart, stir hand.

Finally let the mince seaweed into, boil again is okay.

Note not to cook too long, seaweed will be crushed, not delicious.

Cook seaweed soup with shrimp:

Material: seaweed; shrimp.

How to make: Shrimp minced, marinated.

Seaweed dip soft, minced.

Cook rice porridge, shrimp and seaweed on, stir evenly, wait for boiling again.

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