Grab It And Go: Quick Snack Ideas For Busy Moms

    4 Knives Your Kids Can Use Without WorryBusy moms know that hunger doesn’t stay away just because they’re on the go. Keeping a supply of healthy snacks on hand not only keeps hunger at bay but prevents unhealthy trips through the drive thru for a quick snack after practice. These are all car-friendly, purse-friendly, and mom-friendly snack options to keep on hand while you’re out and about.




    Almonds are not only a filling, protein packed super food but they now come in a variety of flavors for every snacking occasion. Craving something sweet? Grab coconut or cocoa almonds. Want a salty snack? Salt and vinegar flavored almonds taste like chips with none of the guilt. Feeling up for something spicy? They even come in wasabi and buffalo wing flavors. Keep a bag of flavored almonds in your car or purse for on-the-go snacking.


    Granola or Protein Bars


    If you’re losing energy in between your kid’s soccer and swim practice, a low calorie but carbohydrate dense granola bar is just the food to pick you up. If you’re feeling more than just a little pang of hunger, grab a protein bar for a stomach-filling snack. Both treats can be stashed anywhere and provide a hit of carbohydrates to get your energy levels back up for the next round of errands.


    Dried Fruit


    While keeping a bag of apples with you while you’re out may not be practical, a bag of dried fruit can be transported easily and provides a quick snack for moms and kids alike. A handful of dried cantaloupe or figs can quench any sudden craving. Mix in a little crystallized ginger or create a dried fruit mix to store in your purse for quick, sweet treat.


    Meal Replacement Shakes


    Eating a snack while driving can be dangerous as well as messy. A meal replacement shake is a great on-the-go snack that provides balanced nutrition and hunger destroying protein. There are endless varieties so read reviews for meal replacement shakes to get the best flavors and brands to keep on hand.


    Peanut Butter Packs


    Like Go-gurt and other handheld snack foods, peanut butter is making the leap to snack superfood. Many companies now offer peanut butter in prepackaged, handheld containers so the snack can be squeezed right into your mouth. The variety of flavors like chocolate peanut butter and honey provide a flavor for every snacker. With the healthy oils, stomach-filling protein, and vitamin E, peanut butter is a great snack for hungry kids and moms.