Facechipz.com Giveaway

    facechipz image1My grandson and I went on here to facechipz.com; we registered, and then entered his chipz.  We had 5 chipz that came in the package, and they are bright cool colors and have the great face icons that the kids use when texting and IMing to their friends! It is a great safe site where kids can gather and share their stories, and pictures, and just “stuff”! Great idea, and once you register once for one dollar, you can add as many kids to your account as you want! Give it a try, the only thing you have to lose is the worry!!

    What is FaceChipz™?

    • FaceChipz.com is a secure social network for tweens that is built on giving collectable friendship tokens (FaceChipz) to connect friends online.
    • FaceChipz.com is designed specifically for tweens interested in the internet, community, collecting and sharing.
    • FaceChipz are exchanged between friends and serve as an invitation to connect online.
    • Kids can only connect to friends with whom they have physically exchanged FaceChipz.
    • Created by a concerned father, FaceChipz bridges the gap between younger children’s websites and open social networks designed for mature teens and adults.
    • FaceChipz is based on the purchase, sharing and collecting of high?quality, injection?molded, round plastic tokens called FaceChipz?each with a colorful emoticon.
    • FaceChipz promotes social development by encouraging its users to have a balance of face to face and online communications.
    • FaceChipz is a safe harbor site with no search option, ensuring that children only communicate with friends they know.


    • Parents and kids register online using unique codes found on the FaceChipz tokens.
    • To build their network, kids pass their FaceChipz on to friends who log on to FaceChipz.com and enter the code from the back of the FaceChipz. FaceChipz.com confirms the friendship and the two are linked!
    • Tweens can personalize their profile page with a variety of colorful backgrounds and themes.
    • As kids give and receive FaceChipz the site tracks all the chips they have registered and displays their collection in a special digital gallery.
    • FaceChipz allows kids to communicate through a series of messaging tools that include “ChipChat” IM’s, internal emails and ‘What am I up to?’ mini tweets.
    • The ‘Secret Message’ widget allows kids to create messages that friends can digitally scratch to read.
    • The ‘My 11’s’ widget allows tweens to create lists of their top 11 favorites i.e. “the 11 best Hannah Montana episodes,” or “the 11 most disgusting things about my younger brother,”.
    • The site also includes a photo sharing feature that tweens can use to upload, organize and share snapshots.

    Collectable FaceChipz™

    • FaceChipz’ numerous colors and different styled emoticons are uniquely collectable!
    • Each of the FaceChipz has a name and point value, making each chip more collectable than the last.
    • In order to collect FaceChipz you have to ‘Give 2 Get’! Sharing the chips with friends kids grown their network and build their collection AND earn points in the process..
    • The more points they earn, the more cool stuff kids can “purchase” from the FaceChipz Virtual Shop.
    • High quality design gives the silver dollar?sized FaceChipz a weight and strength that will outlast other collectables.
    • Special edition FaceChipz are being developed for Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other holiday seasons.

    Facechipz is going to giveaway a set of these great chipz to one lucky reader!  Just follow the rules for the giveaway below. These are really great and a great gift idea too.  Good luck!


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    CONTEST ENDS: December 12, 2009 @ MIDNIGHT EST.


    1. My 11 year old son LOVES this facechip site!!! A girl in school gave him a chip and now he is hooked!

    2. Christina says:

      I signed up my son awhile ago but he has no friends that have signed up, maybe if they just waved the $1 charged at registration..

    3. My 11 year old daughter and I stumbled upon these at Toys R Us and had no idea what they were but bought some to include in her birthday party goodie bags. I consider myself pretty computer savvy and do community moderation for my fulltime job, so I’m heavily involved in social media. Myspace and Facebook isn’t the appropriate place for my 11 year daughter and 9 year old son, but when I saw these at the store…I figured we could give it a try.

      Boy, was I surprised by the GREAT looking website, easy registration, and love the entire concept! As a parent you can never be too cautious and I love the fact that my child has to invite someone to join her community by giving them a coin. Unlike myself, avoiding old high school associates that have decided to find me on Facebook. Urrggg! I’m telling all of my friends and family about this site and will be passing these out for Christmas gifts! I’m also thinking about including them in my kid friendly welcome gifts for weddings. Thanks for creating such a great product and community site.

    4. As a mom, this site scares me. You can openly message and give our personal details. Who knows what kids are actually doing on it??? We got some of these because my son was really into Doko! last year (which was similar but better and safer) but I have pulled his registration on Face Chipz becuase of my safety concerns. I encourage all you other moms to do the same – this has petafile written all over it!

    5. I completely dis-agree with Gina.

      My experience with FaceChipz and the team there has been nothing but the best helping me keep my child safe online. I would rather have my child in a network that they have to personally hand their friend a secret code their friend has to enter online than wandering around on the internet in other social networking site connecting to who know’s who.

      This mom and aunt recommends!

    6. I’m with Lori – the site is great! My daughters (9 and 11) are on facechipz — they love it. It gives them the freedom they want — but they can only chat with the friends they’ve exchanged chips with. Gina — you might want to reread the FAQs on the site — because your kids can ONLY communicate with friends they have exchanged the little chips with — that’s what makes this site safe — otherwise I would never let my kids go on it.

      Big thumbs up from me!

    7. Hello i have facechipz and ihave a friend that has one we bought the chipz tiogether and split them but we dont know how to become friends can you help us?