Getting A Head Start On Spring Cleaning: Five Tips For This Year’s Task

    Getting A Head Start On Spring Cleaning Five Tips For This Year's Task First, the concept of spring cleaning is a bit outdated. Spring cleaning originally was a sort of necessity when houses were heated by coal and wood and soot got into everything and needed to be cleaned out. Now, even houses that still use coal don’t have to be so vigorously scrubbed from top to bottom. What a homeowner needs now is a cleaning regimen that everyone in the household can follow. Here are five tips for this year’s cleaning duties:

    1. Have a Checklist
    A well-run home keeps a check list for daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks. The benefit of a schedule is even when it can’t be followed because of illness or some kind of emergency, it will have been followed enough to not make house cleaning overwhelming when the schedule is resumed.

    2. Store Your Seasonal Clothing
    Before winter clothing is stored for the spring and summer, it should be laundered or dry-cleaned. This will cut down on the risk of the clothes being attacked by clothes moths and for stains to set. Dry-cleaned clothes need to be taken out of their bags and all the clothes should be wrapped in cotton sheets or put in cotton bags to protect them. The storage place should be cool, dry and have good ventilation.

    3. Turn and Flip the Mattress
    Experts recommend that mattresses be flipped and turned every three months or so, so it’s time to turn it. This will help prevent dips and permanent imprints in the mattress where one body has slept every night for months. It will also need to be cleaned. Vacuuming a bare mattress with the upholstery brush attachment will help get rid of dust, dust mites, and skin flakes.

    4. Maintain the HVAC System
    This is especially important at the beginning of each heating or cooling season. Clean the filters that are cleanable and replace the filters that are disposable. Homeowners should also check around their compressors and make sure that they’re unobstructed. An HVAC company can give the homeowner more pointers on how to keep his or her HVAC system up and running.

    5. Declutter
    Now is the time to separate the stuff around the house into things that are used often, things that are used once in a while, things that are seldom used, and things that will never be used again. The stuff a household will never use again can be thrown out, put up for bid, sold in a yard sale or given away. A storage professional from a Puyallup location suggested that many people opt to put their items that are seldom used in storage until they’re needed or divested, whichever comes first. A homeowner can find a storage company site such as for more information.