Get the Autumn Look: 5 Fall Fashions You Need To Know About

    Get the Autumn Look 5 Fall Fashions You Need To Know AboutIt’s easy to become discouraged as the weather gets cooler, but new fall fashions will help update your wardrobe and brighten your spirits. There are many new trends for fall, including winter white hues, peplum tops, leopard print, chunky gold necklaces and structured handbags.

    Winter White

    One of the hottest colors this fall is miles away from the browns and oranges that many people choose for the fall season. Winter white is bold and fun. Be sure to choose pieces that are appropriate for the fall season, such as jackets, jeans and chunky knits. Be daring and try out a new style or pattern. You may be surprised by how well white fits into your fall wardrobe.

    Peplum Tops

    You’ve probably seen peplum tops on Kate Middleton and other brits, so why not try out the look for yourself. Peplum dresses and tops are great for defining your waist, especially if your figure is boyish. Coats, tops and dresses in the peplum style is one of the hottest trends this season.

    Leopard Print

    Leopard print is another fun trend for fall. It’s super easy to add a little leopard to your wardrobe, but be sure to keep it light. Leopard can overwhelm an outfit, so choose one or two accent pieces to add a touch of fun to a boring outfit. The winter white and leopard print trends can be combined into a variety of fabulous outfits.

    Chunky Gold Necklaces

    One of the best things about a chunky gold necklace is that it’s so easy to add one to any outfit. It seems natural to add a gold necklace over a blouse or sweater, but this accessory is also fantastic over a basic t-shirt. It’s best to have several chunky gold necklaces on hand so that you can participate in this great trend without feeling like you’re stuck with the same two or three pieces.

    Structured Handbags

    Structured handbags don’t work well for everyday outfits, but they are the perfect trendy accessory for a night out or holiday party. Almost everyone loves handbags, and structured handbags are available in so many cute styles that you should be able to find several that fit your fashion sense and personality.

    Whether you stick to your old favorites or try a new brand on the block, these fall trends are the perfect way to perk up your wardrobe for the cooler days and nights of fall. It’s easy for mom’s to want to revert to the standby sweatpants when the weather gets chilly, but it is possible to stay warm and look cute!