Five Go-To First Birthday Themes

          Your baby only turns one once, so why not make it something that your closest family and friends will never forget? Basic Invite is an online stationery company that not only helps to make your little one’s first birthday something memorable, but makes life easier for you as well. For those of you that don’t know, Basic Invite offers personalized party invitations so that you can create an invite that fits your baby’s personality in a quick and easy fashion. That’s why today we are teaming up with Basic Invite to bring you five go-to themes that never fail to impress.

Basic Invite Birthday

           The number 1 is a classic go-to theme for your little one’s first birthday party! Basic Invite has plenty of options that focus around this fantastic number. What’s great is that they offer over 180 custom colors, and almost every part of the card is customizable so that you can make your invite truly unique.

            Nature themes are always classic. Whether you are a fan of air, land, or sea, Basic Invite has something for every nature lover! They have plenty of airplane and hot air balloon themed invites perfect for your little one that loves to be high up as close to the sky as possible. Basic Invite also has a large amount of nautical themed invites that are full of pirates, whales, and fish. They also have invites with maps, and rustic trees for your baby that just loves to be outside exploring everything around them.

            Patterns like stripes and polka dots are always timeless when it comes to parties. One of the great things about a simple birthday invitation is that your party doesn’t have to be completely gender themed. So if you are having a party for your little girl all of the boys of the family won’t feel completely out of place in a room filled with one hundred percent pink. Or you can have a party with all pink polka-dots because your little girl really is a little princess. The choices are endless!

Basic Invite Birthday

             Baby Animals are always a fun theme for a first birthday party! Whether your having a fall birthday full of foxes and deer, or a spring time bunny rabbit party, little critters are always a fun thing to theme a party around. After all, your little one will be running around in no time!

             Photo invites are always a fun idea for a first birthday party invite. That way not only do your guests get a darling invite that’s tailored specifically to your event, but they also get a picture of your little one that they can cherish forever. Basic invite offers many photo invitation options so that you can choose a layout that really showcases your little one, and with all of their color options and plethora of fonts, you can coordinate your invite to the picture in minutes!

Basic Invite has hundreds of layouts for first birthday invites and even more for birthdays in general, so there is no way you won’t be able to find something that works for you. Not only do they have all these great custom invitations, but they also have an address service where all you have to do is send out a link, collect the addresses, and then can have them printed on your envelopes, saving you so much time! Address printing is only available on standard white envelopes at this time. However, if you want to add your own personal touch and self address your envelopes, Basic Invite offers 40 different colors of peel and stick envelopes so that you can match them to your invite and really make a lasting impression on your family and friends.

Basic Invite Birthday

Head on over to Basic Invite today and get started on your custom first birthday invitations and use code 15FF51 to get 15% off your entire order! Make sure you follow them on social media as well for all the latest stationery trends:


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