Can I Eat Fresh Bamboo Shoots While Pregnant ?

Can I Eat Fresh Bamboo Shoots While Pregnant ?

Fresh bamboo shoots are always one of the main sources of raw materials used in every dish of our country. But you know in the fresh bamboo shoots contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are very useful for everyone’s health. However, the nutrients from fresh bamboo shoots are effective for the growth of the pregnancy and fetus or not? Let’s find out the useful information below.

Nutritional content in fresh shoots

Can I Eat Fresh Bamboo Shoots While Pregnant ?
Can I Eat Fresh Bamboo Shoots While Pregnant ?

Fiber: One result would be to surprise the mother about the fiber content of fresh shoots: For other vegetables: 1.27% in sprouts, 0, 61% in cucumber and in corn 1.58% for fresh shoots and 2.56% for fresh shoots – a high amount of fiber, which will help mothers reduce the risk of cancer, especially cancer to the digestive system.

Phytosterol : This is a substance that has anti-oxidant effect in shoots. In addition, Phytosterol also works to reduce inflammation and improve the health of the cells in the body.

Contains less fat and sugar: The amount of fat and sugar contained in the shoots is almost negligible. So moms will not have to worry too much about weight or risk of diabetes when eating bamboo shoots.

Other Nutrients: In addition to 91% water, protein, protein and other vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.
Not only that, the potassium content of bamboo shoots is quite high. Every 100g of bamboo contains about 533 mg of potassium. Meanwhile, according to research, foods containing at least 400 mg potassium have been shown to reduce the risk of stroke

Can I Eat Fresh Bamboo Shoots While Pregnant ?

Can I Eat Fresh Bamboo Shoots While Pregnant ?
Can I Eat Fresh Bamboo Shoots While Pregnant ?

Notes for pregnant women when eating bamboo shoots.

Be careful with your digestive system:
Pregnant mothers should note that in the early months of pregnancy, due to the inability of the body to be sick, most mothers often do not eat much. In fresh bamboo shoots contain high fiber, can cause bloating, so long does not fit the diet in the first 3 months of pregnancy. That is why mothers should make the right choices and add nutrients from other sources of nutrients.

Potentially causing poisoning:
In addition to the high nutritional value, the shoots also contain large amounts of cyanide. Under the action of digestive enzymes, cyanide is converted to cyanidric acid (HCN), which can be highly poisonous. Common symptoms of bamboo poisoning include headache, nausea, dyspnea, hypotension, and even death. So moms should be careful with this kind of double-sided nutrition.

Causing anemia:

Not only poisoning, some sources said that cyanide toxin in fresh shoots also affect the respiratory chain to inactivate iron enzymes, causing hypoxia, causing anemia. Some doctors still recommend that pregnant women should limit their intake of bamboo shoots, especially fresh ones during pregnancy, to ensure the health of both women and their babies.

Mothers should soak and boil thoroughly before eating due to high levels of cyanide in fresh shoots – potentially causing poisoning.
To be able to eat bamboo shoots, pregnant should buy bamboo shoots, wash several times with clean water, soaked salt, then boiled thoroughly about 3 times to eat.

In the process of boiling bamboo shoots, the lid should be opened frequently to let the toxins fly away. In particular, do not re-use bamboo shoots, as most toxins are trapped in water.

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