DIY Kid’s Room: 5 Tips for Making a Kid-Friendly Bedroom

    DIY Kid's RoomKids like personalized space of their own, so DIY-ers should utilize inexpensive ways to decorate and create a perfect dream room for their child. Parents don’t have to break the bank when designing a kid’s room. Follow these five tips to make a bedroom both you and your child will enjoy for years to come.

    1. The Electronics

    If the child uses the desk for homework, place the chest of drawers or dresser in the closet. This clears floor space for playing. Place the TV and XBox or PS3 on the dresser. All the child has to do is push a button and he can lie in bed and play.

    2. The Walls

    After the walls have been painted, have the child choose wall decorations. Your child might choose a border for the walls, hang some of his/her school art on the walls, use posters of action figures or cartoon characters. Help the child secure them to the wall using a small step-stool. Let your child have some say in the decoration, or at least let them use some of their toys or belongings to decorate. This will keep costs down and give a touch of personality to your child’s room.

    3. The Closet

    Since most kids don’t fold or put away their wash, why bother with a dresser? Once the painters in Long Island are done painting the closet, install white wire drop drawers from the wire shelving. Place the kids’ clothes in the drawers. Hang winter coats and their good dress or suit on the wire shelf, out of the way of the drawers.

    4. The Windows

    If the homeowners association doesn’t have a fit, allow the child to choose window treatments. Figures can be attached to the windows using suction cups, or peel-off stickers can announce to the neighborhood the child’s favorite things. That is, of course, beneath the cool action-figure curtains you made for him/her.

    5. The Ceiling

    Want the child to learn about stars? Or does the child have a thing for the sea? Paint the ceiling with the base color so you can add constellations, or seahorses and fish. Whatever the child’s preference, let him/her help by telling you where to place the stars or the fish.

    DIY-ers can have fun and further bond with their child by building a dream bedroom for the child that is kid-friendly. The room can be adjusted over the years to suit the child.