Disney Dreams

    Since the birth of my children, I have dreamed of planning a Disney vacation. I’ve anxiously awaited the day I could introduce them to the magic that is Disney and watch their little faces light up.  Even as an adult, I still become overly giddy.

    Our original plans for Disney have been placed on hold, as I officially took on a job outside of the home to accommodate our families needs and my desire for adult interaction.  Rather than taking our trip during Christmas break, we are looking at going more towards Spring Break or possibly next Christmas.   Regardless of the timing, I am still actively researching and planning.  I have big expectations of our first “real” vacation away from home and want to give both of them memories that will last a life time.

    We will have a place to stay, courtesy of my grandparents.  Whether we stay at their place or in a time share near Orlando, we’ll be covered.  The getting there will be our biggest obstacle, as I so desperately want to drive down versus fly.  I know it will be much more of a pain in the rump driving, but I also like the idea of being able to stop off at various locations along the way and showing the kids more of the States.  Should I decide to fly all of us down there, I will most definitely be renting a car.   It won’t be until the Disney portion of our trip is actually over, but likely when I make the decision to peruse the various cities of Florida with my children.  I’ve looked at tampa car rental companies and have been pretty amazed by the prices.   Renting a car would give me a little more freedom to take the kids to places like the Everglades Wonder Gardens, Peace River Wildlife Center & Ponce De Leon Park, Fishermen’s Village, King Richard’s Family Fun Park, just to name a few.

    Either route I choose, I will have several options.


    1. I was planning to go to Disneyland in Paris but something would always get in the way.

      I am sure that I will go as I love rolercoster rides and I am sure that my kid will love it.

      Unfortunately USA is too far away so the real Disneyland is a bit out of reach for me.