Clear the Clutter: Top 5 Health Hazards Associated with Clutter

    ClutterCompulsive hoarding is a serious psychological condition that affects people in all around the country. Hoarding causes many emotional and psychological problems. It’s important to get a hold of a hoarding problem before it causes any health problems for your or your family. Below are the five most common health hazards for people living in a hoarder’s environment.

    1. Mold Spores and Fungus

    Warm weather creates optimal conditions for plants and other vegetation to grow. This includes mold and fungus. Porous surfaces from piles of books or clothes will collect spores over times if left undisturbed. Mold and fungus can then grow throughout the home. Mold and fungus spores create respiratory problems and can exacerbate existing medical conditions. They can even cause systemic infections in the body that result in heart disease or kidney failure.

    2. Viruses and Pathogens from Pests

    Large piles of undisturbed clutter contain small pathways and pockets that can be used as a home by pests like mice, roaches and even ticks or fleas. These pests all carry different diseases. Droppings from mice can spread forms of the Hantavirus. Roaches and other insects can make food unsafe to eat and leave communicable diseases on surfaces in the home. A person living in these conditions is likely to contract a virus or pathogen over time that could cause extreme skin irritation or permanent damage to internal organs.

    3. Ammonia

    Hoarding often makes every room in the home unusable. This includes the bathroom. Hoarders can create dangerous and unsanitary conditions by allowing urine and feces to collect in a home even if it is in a container. A dangerous hazard from this besides disease is ammonia. Feces and urine release ammonia into the air that can quickly reach unsafe levels. Ammonia is corrosive and can cause serious chemical burns to the eyes, lungs and throat. This could result in lung damage and blindness.

    4. Physical Injuries

    Many serious health risks are related to the physical presence of the clutter. There is a very high chance a person will trip and could suffer a broken limb or a large wound. The piles of items could trigger a fire near an outlet or appliance that is not properly maintained. The clutter could prevent a person from escaping the fire in time. The risk of physical injuries is one reason why friends and family often try to move the clutter to a Sacramento CA self storage unit instead of allowing it to accumulate in the house.

    5. Infections

    Unsanitary conditions inside of a home that result from hoarding will release a large amount of organic particles into the air. These particles help to carry and transmit diseases, viruses and bacteria. The particles will eventually come to rest on almost all items and surfaces in the house. This dramatically increases the chance of different infections such as streptococcus and Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These infections can make it into the tissue of the lungs, nose or throat. They can also turn minor abrasions or cuts into life-threatening conditions that require extensive medical treatment in order to avoid death.

    Compulsive hoarding is a chronic problem that will affect every aspect of life if left untreated. Health problems from hoarding can permanently damage the body. Very cluttered homes will constantly compound minor medical issues. It is important to seek help for hoarding since some health problems such as a serious infection could occur very suddenly.

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