Claim Jumper Frozen Food Meals and Entrees

    I am always looking for new meal ideas, especially from the frozen food isle in the grocery store. Ease is a big thing for me and when I was given the opportunity to try Claim Jumper’s newest frozen meals I jumped at it!! Claim Jumper was a new one to me, but boy they were good! Now I was given the following:

    Claim Jumper Spaghetti and Meatball (for Stuffed Peppers)
    Claim Jumper Cheese Ravioli (NEW!)
    Claim Jumper Chicken & Shrimp Rustica (NEW!)
    Claim Jumper Chicken Marsala (NEW!)

    Nchick_alfredow I automatically gave the Chicken and Shrimp Rustica to my daughter, as she loves seafood, anything! She said she was surprised that it was so good, as she does not usually eat the frozen dinners. She said it was very creamy and the shrimp was very fresh, it tasted really good. The cheese ravioli and chicken Marsala were extremely good and all varieties were very generous in the serving’s size. I was glad to see a new brand with very restaurant style choices in a frozen meal! It was a very pleasant surprise to how tasty they were, and all were very filling. They are definitely a new brand I will be buying when I go to the grocery store. I say try these and you will make them a part of your menus, they are that good!