Celebrates Holidays with Gift Basket Giveaways


    In order to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season and get people excited about oral health, is giving away gift baskets chock full of the latest health items, gadgets and fun giveaways in partnership with GUM® each day,…

    Giveaway: Sweat Pretty & Puma


    Do y’all remember me telling you a few weeks ago that I’d be hosting an amazing giveaway that promotes Sweat Pretty from Puma…?  Well, the time has come.
    Ladies, the fabulous people at Puma are offering our readers the

    Giveaway: Bertolli Classic Risottos


    When it comes to meals in my house, I like to think of myself as a Paula Deen wanna-be.  I love to feed my family warm, home cooked meals.  However, as my children get older and become more active in…

    Giveaway: WotsTots


    When it comes to television shows my children can watch, I’m particular.  I’ve become a little more lenient over the course of the years with Ethan as he’s gotten older, but still monitor what shows they are watching.  Both kids,

    Giveaway: Farm Rich coupons!


    I am always on the hunt for quick, convenient after school snack ideas that are not completely filled with junk.  For as long as I can remember, my children and I have always enjoyed Farm Rich… mozzarella cheese sticks and

    Photo Card Creations Giveaway!


    For anyone that knows me personally, you know my love for entertaining and throwing extravagant birthday parties for my children, baby showers for my friends and cookouts all summer long.  Now that I am once again a WAHM, I’ll be

    Giveaway: A Princess Wish


    Pj Mommy Community is pleased to share some fabulous news with you, regarding one of our favorite things- Disney!  Disney has recently launched a new fragrance collection, A Princess Wish.  This particular scent is said to have the scent of

    Giveaway: Eye Love You Mom!


    Taking care of my children, household and working third shift has taken a toll on my skin.  I have found that I am beginning to age more quickly than I was when I was just a stay at home mom. 

    Giveaway: Yummy Mummy Self-Care Gift


    Self-care is not self-indulgence, it’s your birthright! Every mama deserves daily nourishment and nurturing. Yes, YOU are worth it! I am happy to share two opportunities you won’t want to miss. Just write your favorite self-care activity in the comment

    Giveaway: Pinypon Caravan

    pinypon camper_1

    One of the things I’ve found exceptionally fascinating about being a parent is that no matter how awesome you thought your toys were back in the day, toys are so much cooler now.  I grew up at a time when