Can I Wear White To A Funeral?

Funerals are the epitome of sadness, and one needs to be really careful about everything in such emotionally charged situations. Often people are left thinking what they should be wearing at a funeral. It becomes hard to pick the appropriate clothes which conform to the norms of the society. One question that always comes to our mind while picking up the dress to wear is :

Can I wear white to a funeral?

Can I Wear White To A Funeral

Be it a funeral or any other occasion you must always make sure that your clothing does not seem to be out of place. There are certain etiquette’s that you have to embrace while attending a funeral. Wearing bright colors can often radiate a wrong message.

Generally, dark or black clothing is more suited for such situations, they are the safest option available. You can wear a white shirt with black pants. Usually, at such places, people don’t pay much attention to what you are wearing as long as you make sure that it is nothing too bright. In this article, we will try to address your doubts and assist you in making a better decision.

5 Critical dress codes appropriate during funeral

What you wear during a funeral ostensibly radiates your emotions silently.  It won’t be an occasion to expressive your condolences in words. So, let the message carry through your dress and accessories.  Follow the tips given below.

Suit Wear a black suit or any other dark color suit. Two-piece suits are best suited for such situations. You can also go for any other color if it does not seem out of place but if you are a close family member then stick strictly to dark colors.

Shoes – Make sure that you don’t wear appealing footwear as many may think of it as inappropriate. Wear simple looking black color shoes as they will not seem out of place.

Shirt – Pick a clean plain white shirt, make sure that you have ironed it properly. Solid shirts suit the formality of the occasion.

White shirt and a dark color pant – If you wish to skip the blazer then you can also go for a solid white shirt with a dark colored pant.

Accessories – Try to keep your accessories to the minimum. Don’t carry anything on yourself which looks flashy. A simple watch will suffice.

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5 Things you shouldn’t do during funeral

Certain types dress, and accessories are big no during a funeral. So it is better to avoid such kind of thing when you are attending a funeral.  Consider the following tips and avoid any inadvertent misunderstandings.

Jeans – You should never arrive at a funeral in your jeans. They are not at all suited for such a place. All the eyeballs will be on you and people are going to be very judgmental as well as offended.

T-shirts – You can’t attend a funeral in your casual tees. You will end up portraying to others present that you are unsympathetic towards the deceased and his family.

Bright colors – Flashy bright clothing is a big no-no, many people own a black suit or dress just for attending funerals. Women should make sure that their dress color is dark, preferably black.

Caps – Everyone knows that there is an unsaid rule for not wearing hats at any formal, sophisticated occasions. Funerals are no exceptions to this rule.

Sneakers or sandals – You just can’t arrive at a funeral wearing your casual footwear. People are going to get the wrong message and probably feel that you are rude. Formal shoes or heels are must wear items.

Things you should keep in mind if you go for white clothing

If for any reason you wish to wear white clothes to a funeral then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

For men – You can’t go to a funeral in all whites. If you wish to skip the blazer, then make sure that you wear your solid white shirt with a dark colored pant.

For women – If you are planning to wear a white dress or a white jumpsuit then put on a dark colored cardigan. Make sure that the cardigan is a long one as it will look more appropriate.

At last, what you wear usually depends on your culture like in Christian culture black is the preferred culture, and in Hindu community, white is the preferred choice.

One should dress up according to the culture of the person whose funeral they are attending. You must keep in mind your etiquette while picking up your clothes. In the USA, black is the right color to be worn for a funeral, so avoid wearing white clothes. Wearing the wrong colors can portray you as rude and unsympathetic. You may end up hurting the feelings of others. So be a bit considerate of the feelings of others and dress accordingly.

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