Can I Wear White Pants To A Wedding?

Your clothes say a lot about you, and this makes it really important to put on your best clothes when attending formal occasions. Weddings are one such event which leaves us wondering which clothes to wear. One question that usually pops up in our head while deciding our clothes is:

Can I wear white pants to a wedding?

Can I Wear White Pants To A Wedding

In this article, we will address this question and help you in making the right choice.

We are all want to look fresh and appealing while attending a marriage ceremony for the occasion. Wearing white from top to bottom is not a good practice especially for women. It won’t be polite to dress like the bride on her special day hence you should never wear complete white dresses to a wedding. But both men and women have the option to wear white pants with a different color shirt or top. Wearing the white shirt with a dark colored shirt or top looks amazing.

4 Fabulous styles in white pants for men and women:

There are different styles of white pants for both men and women from which they can choose something matching to the personal preference. Here we present you with some of the most popular styles available

  • Fitting pants – Probably the first choice for anyone who wishes to wear are white regular pants but what will enhance your look further is a well-fitted pants. It will make you look smarter and well suited for the occasion.


  • Chinos – Ankle length pants have become a global phenomenon in recent years. It looks fantastic when worn with the correct footwear. White chinos look stunning on both men and women. Chinos are the perfect blend of style with a formal look. Wear it along with suiting accessories, and you will naturally become the cynosure of the party.


  • Loose pants – Pants with loose fitting have a retro look attached to them, they might not be the best choice for men as they are out of fashion but for women, they are an excellent choice. Club it up with a low-cut blouse, and you will look gorgeous.


  • Jogger pants – Recently they have received a lot of attention from the public but wearing them to a wedding might be a risky move. You can wear it if you can pick the correct accessories to go along with it. Wear jogger pants to weddings only if you are confident that you can carry it on.

4 Positive elements of white pants:

  • Pristine look – White pants will give you a fresh look; they are like a blank canvas which you can paint as per your wish. Wear it with a light colored floral shirt, and you are ready for a beach party, and if you can put on a dark shade, you will get a formal look.


  • Enhance your looks – White looks good on all skin tones and adds to the beauty of the wearer. Make sure you wear a plain white pant not a printed one. Solid white will give you a more sophisticated look.


  • Goes well with any shirt- You may wear any shirt solid, stripes or any other which will give an incredible combination with white pants. Everything will go well with white pants.


  • Extensive range of accessories – Think of your clothes as a canvas and go crazy with your accessories. You can choose whatever color items you wish and still, you will look beautiful.

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Guest Attires for a wedding party:

While wearing white pants for marriage, make sure the style flatten your body shape. You must find something matching to the pants that can enhance your style. Women can consider wearing a top with asymmetric hemline. It can also be enough to show off some good part of pants, and the meantime can give an adequate amount of cover.  Also, make sure to wear matching accessories complimenting the dress.

Just don’t wear the following for a wedding party:

Jeans – White jeans have been in fashion recently, but there is something about jeans which makes it inappropriate to wear at a formal party. You can wear it to a friend’s birthday but wearing white jeans at a wedding is not the best idea.

Revealing clothes – Revealing clothes are not for a marriage party, even though you have a gorgeous figure and stylish body. Men should not wear sleeveless tops or burnout dress.

Shorts – You should not wear shorts for a wedding party unless the dress cord permits you to wear it. It is okay for children to wear shorts.

All in all both men and women can wear white pants to a wedding. If you choose the correct colored shirt or top then without a doubt you will look fabulous. Be confident and put on your best accessories to get the desired look.

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