Can I Wear White After Labor Day?

Can I Wear White After Labor Day

There is an age-old tradition practiced in the USA ‘No white after Labor Day.’ It may look like the most illogical and crazy decree, but the fashionable and trendy Americans insist on this rule. Over a period, it has become one of the adamant and strict practices followed by the society.

You may even get confused by reading some article, where people defy the rule vehemently, and some say there are ways to circumvent the law, which may prompt you to ask :

Can I wear white after Labor Day?

Can I Wear White After Labor Day

Let us check the facts if there is a way to wear white after Labor Day.

It is a tradition dated back to the 1900’s when there were strict rules and dress codes with the changing season. Then dresses were more formal, and fashion was all about colors that went apt with weather and time. It was mainly meant to defend blistering summers where light and white clothes were a must.

The white dresses during pre-Labor Day, i.e., pre-summer are on the latest style magazines, and shopping of the former becomes a craze. It also means that you are extravagant enough to spend on the summer garments. In fact, people consider Labor Day is the official end of summer. So wearing white after it can make you hearsay and topic of gossip among your friends and colleagues.

In September, all Americans simply put-off their white frocks and gowns and are in the town with dark attires and formal dresses.

4 Subtle ways to wear white after Labor Day

Just because of some age-old tradition practiced, doesn’t mean you are bound to compromise with your favorite dresses you liked the most. How to wear white after Labor Day?

  1. White Jeans: Jeans is a fashion statement that can go with anything. You can style it up with a dark color T-shirt, top, trendy sweater or a formal shirt. A green or a dark color jacket will go perfectly with it. You can also pair it up with a prune silhouette. A high-heeled stiletto will just make it a final and complete statement to the fashionable attire.


  1. White Sneakers and white boat shoes: White sneakers are ideal to wear throughout the year. It is the best way to compensate with worn-out and sloppy clothes.


  1. White Linen Shirt: A white shirt worn with a casual trouser paired with a sober looking jacket can contribute refreshing and elegant appeal.


  1. White accessories: What will be better than white accessories to pair with dark attires in post summers? A modern off-white cap or a white sling bag from Vero-Moda or Calvin-Klein is a wonderful way to compensate the no wearing white after Labor Day concept among Americans.

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10 Reasons you should know why people say, you should not wear white after Labor Day?

  1. White is a light wear after summers: The very first sight of a white dress in the winters gives a chilling feel to the onlookers. Since white has always been a color of the summers, post-Labor Day a light wear may not be a good option.


  1. White color looks uncomplicated and easy: White color dress has always been painless and offhand. Further, it is futile to make the white color look weighty and give a strong appeal.


  1. White is an analog to flawless: Who wants to look impeccable in the chilly winters? It is the best time to check your fashion consciousness, and it is time for the real fashion fiesta to focus.


  1. White is simple and elementary: Winters are of style and spirit. Why look simple and straightforward when you can opt for chic and contemporary looks?


  1. White is outdated: White denim and white shirts are all obsolete in the fashion industry. They are age-old timeworn garments in recent days.


  1. White is not relevant to business and service life: Is white proper for office? Not really. It wrinkles soon and looks messy in the first few hours.


  1. No more options: You cannot find much pattern variations in white. Even if there is self-design, it won’t be visually appealing.


  1. Hard to maintain: White is hard to keep clean. You need to put conscious effort to retain its cleanliness.


  1. Not a casual wear: White is not a casual wear. Wherever you wear it, the looks become formal.


  1. Not an all-rounder: It is not a color, you can wear all around the year. In the summertime, especially, in the sunny climate while will give you a comfortable dress experience. But for other reason, you need to have something, which can go with the weather and protect your body.


In spite of all odds, customs tradition, and rules, you can wear white after Labor Day. The only fact is that you should know how to wear them without making yourself the talk of the town. No doubt, these are antiquated fashion concept of years. So, if you feel like breaking it like many people started wearing unlatching shoes, belts, and printed fabrics, it is an acceptable norm. Having said all these, many of us still keep some of the rules without breaking it but bending it agreeable to common sense.

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