Can I Wear A Jumpsuit To A Wedding?

Deciding what to wear for a wedding can be a confusing matter for many women. You need to make sure that you pick the right dress for the auspicious occasion and don’t make a mockery of yourself. If you wish to wear a one-piece dress, then jumpsuits must definitely be on your list.

Jumpsuits are one piece dresses which are available in various design. But, still the question can I wear a jumpsuit to a wedding will continue to hunt you.  In this article, we are addressing this issue and bring out the best possible thoughts, which may help you to take a bold decision, in the event if you wish to go with a jumpsuit as your wedding party dress.

Can I Wear A Jumpsuit To A Wedding

While choosing a dress to wear for a wedding, you must make sure that it is an appropriate evening jumpsuit. Choosing the right one will give you a classy look. Dressed in a jumpsuit can be a risky choice as many may feel that it is an inappropriate dress for the occasion. If you choose the right style and wear accentuating accessories that go well with your dress, then you will surely rock the party.

5 Famous styles of jumpsuits

Body-fit: Considering the occasion you can choose between different fittings available. Body-fit jumpsuit gives you a confident look. They look elegant as well as stylish.

Loose cut: Loose jumpsuits are usually best suited for wearing on casual outings. One might end up looking like a plumber if they wear a loose one to a party.

Printed: These designer jumpsuits look endearing as well as stylish at the same time. Wear it at your workplace or casual meetings, and you might end up getting all the attention.

Neckline: If you don’t mind showing off your shoulders then this one is for you. Wear it with the right accessories to get a stunning look.

Material: Wide range of fabric choices are available for jumpsuits now a day. From denim to nylon you can get it all which is very trendy and designed to augment your personal appeal.

How to choose a jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits make a bold style statement, just like any other dress they are also available in many different styles. Pick up the best style which goes well with your taste and is well suited for the occasion. Be sure of your requirements before going into the details. A right combination of jumpsuit can make you the cynosure of the party, so you should be careful about the dress selection.

Choose the one which makes you feel comfortable. Generally, jumpsuits designed to stay fit at the waist and loose around the legs are the one which looks the best. Choose according to your body shape and height.

Which style should one wear to a wedding?

Weddings are formal occasions so dressed in a body fit jumpsuit will be the best choice. It will give you a sleek and smart look. Make sure that it is not a tight one. Wearing loose jumpsuits at weddings is a big no-no. Also avoid wearing floral prints and denim jumpsuits as they will look casual, which is not appropriate for such occasions.

Go for a dark-colored body-fir jumpsuit; this will be the best choice for a wedding party.

4 Important tips for wearing a jumpsuit at a wedding:

Women always think that the only option they have is to wear the same orthodox dresses at formal occasions, they choose to go with the ‘safe options.’ Jumpsuits can have the kind of impact which many other dresses fail to accomplish. Try something different, step out of the regular clothes and get yourself a well-stitched formal jumpsuit.


Accessories are essential as they can give you the kind of look you desire. Wearing a beautiful dress with the wrong accessories will spoil the look of your dress.

Make sure you choose the accessories according to the color, material, and style of your jumpsuit. It would be better to keep your accessories to the bare minimum while wearing a jumpsuit as it can complement a sober look.

High Heels:

Always wear heels at a wedding with your jumpsuit. It will give you the desired sophisticated look. Jumpsuits which are tight at the waist usually end up making women look shorter than they actually are. Wear a high heel as it will make you look more bold and stylish.


Put on a nice stylish belt with your jumpsuit. Make sure that the color of the belt suits your dress color. Choose a simple looking belt. Contrasting color belts will look really nice.


Without some accessories to go along with jumpsuits they might end up looking plain. Wearing matching jewelry can certainly add a wow factor to your look. If you can wear a beautiful necklace with small earnings will certainly contribute to getting the best look.

All-in-all jumpsuits can be an excellent choice for wearing at the wedding. But you need to make sure that you pair it up with the best accessories. Choosing the wrong style can be chaotic as you might end up looking like a worker.  Besides all these, make sure to have a complimenting make-up and hairstyle for enhancing your personal appeal in a jumpsuit.

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